Pre-Law Advisement Program

If you are a Collins College of Professional Studies student considering law school, you should explore the information on this page and you should meet with one of the CCPS Pre-Law Advisors identified below to discuss your path to law school. 

Pre-Law Curriculum

There is no “Pre-Law” curriculum at St. John’s, but the American Bar Association issued this statement on the skills that college students should acquire in college to prepare for law school.  Those skills include the ability to closely read and work with dense and difficult texts, the ability to think analytically and the ability to write effectively.  You don’t need to pursue any particular major in college to prepare for law school, but you should pursue a major that makes you practice these skills.

Students considering law school are encouraged to take law classes in college through the business law or legal studies programs.  In particular, students considering law school are encouraged to take LES 1100, 1101 and 1102, which focus on legal analysis, research and writing. 

The LSAT and the Law School Applications Process 

The law school admissions process and the Law School Admissions Test (the “LSAT”) are administered by the Law School Admissions Council (“LSAC”).  You apply to law school through LSAC and register for the LSAT through LSAC.  To begin educating yourself about these processes, go to  Look in the “Applying to Law school” tab, in particular. 

Students typically take the LSAT and apply to law school in the fall/winter before the fall that they will be attending law school.  Students typically take an LSAT prep course before taking the LSAT.  A pre-law advisor can provide you with a list of LSAT prep courses.

Student Organizations

The Legal Society and Phi Alpha Delta (the pre-law fraternity) often host pre-law events, including previews of LSAT courses.  Consider connecting with these organizations.  You can find links to their webpages (which contain contact information for these organizations) on the St. John’s student organizations page here

Ronald H. Brown Law School Prep Program for College Students

Many pre-law students participate in the Ronald H. Brown Law School Preparatory Programs run by St. John’s Law School.  Information about those programs can be found here.

Researching Law Schools

When researching law schools, please keep in mind that ABA-accredited law schools are required to publicly post disclosures on things including (i) the LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs of their students, (ii) the demographics of their students (including race, gender and age information), (iii) financial aid, (iv) retention, (v) employment statistics and (vi) bar passage rates.  The ABA has links to the pages with this information here

The LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools also contains a lot of helpful information.  That Guide can be found here

Many students also attend LSAC forums.  See information about such forums here.  According to LSAC, at these forums you can talk personally with representatives from more than 185 ABA-approved law schools and learn about the LSAT, the law school admission process, financing law school and the practice of law. 

Considering St. John’s University School of Law

Considering St. John’s Law after college?

  • See their webpage here.  
  • See their admissions FAQ here
  • See the basic facts about their current 1L class, including median GPA and LSAT score here.  
  • Want to talk to St. John’s Law admissions staff, find them at the bottom of the page here.  
  • Want to attend a St. John’s Law information session, register here.  

Combined B.S./J.D. Program

The Collins College of Professional Studies also has a combined Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctor program with St. John’s University School of Law.  That program permits you to enter St. John’s Law before completing your bachelor’s degree and to complete your academic training in six years, earning an undergraduate degree from the Collins College of Professional Studies and a Juris Doctor degree from St. John’s Law.

More information about this combined program can be found here

College of Professional Studies Pre-Law Advisors

We invite you to contact the Collins College of Professional Studies Pre-Law Advisors: