Documentary Screening and Question and Answer Session

Date: Tuesday, February 20
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Marillac Auditorium

Ali MacGraw
Ali MacGraw

Invisible Corps
In Officio Salutis
In Service of Health

This documentary explores the history and role of the Commissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service, who are dedicated to solving public health challenges in the United States and globally. It is narrated by actress and activist Ali MacGraw.

A Question and Answer session follows the screening. The panel includes

Chris Schueler, Producer

Chris Schueler

Chris Schueler facilitates social change utilizing social media and documentary production through the training of youth in production skills and community organizing. His unique model has affected behavior change, raised public awareness, and impacted public policy nationally and internationally, with partnerships ranging from the United Nations to the National Institute of Mental Health and the PBS network to the CBS Network Foundation.

Mr. Schueler has created more than 100 television programs in the past 25 years that have garnered 26 Emmy® Awards and have been broadcast throughout the country and around the world. His programs have ranged from global warming solutions to mental health stigma and included topics such as date and domestic violence, teen pregnancy prevention, AIDS, alcohol, gambling addiction and opioid abuse. Most recently, his project Vaccination from the Misinformation Virus has broadcast throughout the United States on PBS and been an official selection in film festivals worldwide. His projects have broadcast in more than 100 domestic markets, as well as 35 countries in eight different languages. In addition to the US, filming locations have included Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and Russia.

Mr. Schueler includes social marketing and target audience outreach for all his projects involving extensive use of internet and social media venues to address community issues. In addition to investing target audience groups in his production and outreach efforts, each project includes partnerships with nonprofit stakeholders, government entities, and private businesses.

These documentaries and community outreach projects many times include curriculum guides, Town Hall meetings, specialized educational videos, website components, text messaging, social marketing development, and panel discussions. His efforts create a web of community interaction for social change.

Mr. Schueler serves on the Grand Jury for the New York Festivals and the Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards, as well as on the Board of Governors for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Rocky Mountain Chapter.

In addition to 26 Emmy® Awards, his honors include

  • National Innovator of the Year from the National Broadcast Association of Community Affairs
  • The Grand Award, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards at the New York Festivals
  • Two International Iris Awards
  • The National Education Association Award for the Advancement of Learning through Broadcasting
  • Two CBS network awards for Excellence in Community Service
  • Two Service to Children’s Television Awards from the National Association of Broadcasters

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What People are Saying

“America needs to see this film and understand how crucial public health is to our country.”—Dean Butler, Producer, Legacy Documentaries

“I felt the hard pull of gratitude, pride, and belief, feeling that I was seeing America at its best.”—Dale Dauten, Syndicated Columnist, King Features

“A must-watch for those in the public health pathway, it offers invaluable insights and engages viewers with its informative and captivating storytelling.”—Laura Magaña, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health

“Invisible Corps is one of the most important documentary films of our time regarding public health.”—Ivan Weiner, Executive Director, Alburquerque Film and Music Experience