The Collins College of Professional Studies Plagiarism Policy

  1. At the beginning of each semester, instructors are strongly encouraged to notify their students of this Plagiarism Policy, the Academic Honor Pledgeand the Academic Honor Code with its Disciplinary Process. Instructors should inform students as to the types of conduct that constitute plagiarism.

Academic Honor Pledge

Academic Honor Code and Judicial Process 

  1. Instructors are urged to review the University Libraries’ webpage on plagiarism ( and to encourage their students to do the same.
  1. In all instances of plagiarism, the instructor is strongly encouraged to give the student a grade of F for the plagiarized assignment or F for the course and must fill out a “Notification of Plagiarism Form” notifying their Chairperson of the instance of plagiarism who in turn will notify the Dean’s Office.
  1. The instructor shall promptly notify the student that the grade is due to plagiarism and that he/she has the right to appeal (see Academic Honor Code/ Judicial Process).
  1. Grade replacement cannot be used on courses where the F is received because of plagiarism. Students can retake the course for credit but the F will appear on the transcript and be included in grading calculations.
  1. Should the student exercise that right to appeal, the matter then falls under the jurisdiction of the Dean’s Disciplinary Committee pursuant to the process outlined in the Academic Honor Code. 
  1. The Dean will convene the Dean’s Discipline Committee if a) the student appeals the charge of plagiarism or the resulting grade or b) another instance of plagiarism has been noted.
  1. If the charges against the student are sustained by the Dean’s Discipline Committee and the student wishes to appeal this judgment, the student shall direct such an appeal in writing to the appropriate Appeals Committee of the Faculty Council. Appeals must be based on either procedural error which prejudiced the decision or evidence discovered after the hearing. In no case shall there be an appeal against the penalty that has been determined. The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final. If the Appeals Committee sustains an appeal, the matter will be returned to the Dean’s Disciplinary Committee for further action. (The first eight points of this policy were approved by the College of Professional Studies Faculty Council on October 3, 2017.)
  2. In all instances where a grade of F is given for a course pursant to point 3 above, and that grade survives any appeals process referenced herein, that grade of F supersedes the affected student's right to withdraw from the course and preempt or replace that grade of F. (This ninth point of the policy was approved by the College of Professional Studies Faculty Council on November 13, 2017.)