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Department of Core Studies

What We Do

The Department of Core Studies is designed to help first-year students in their academic transition to University life. As a unit, the three courses comprising the Department of Core Studies – First Year Writing, Scientific Inquiry, and First Year Seminar – assist first-year students in becoming their own intellectual “gatekeepers” as they are exposed each day to large amounts of information from a wide variety of sources.





What We Do

Earning a degree in history provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the issues and events that shape today’s global society. Studying history is also a proven way to develop the analytical and communication skills necessary for success in most fields, including business, law, journalism, public policy, and teaching.


    Library and Information Science

    What We Do

    The Division of Library and Information Science at St. John’s University prepares graduate students for careers in libraries and other information centers. Accredited by the American Library Association (ALA), our programs draw a wide range of students — men and women representing many ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds. They are united by an enthusiasm for librarianship and a desire to help others by achieving excellence in this dynamic profession.


      Mathematics and Computer Science

      What We Do

      The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is dedicated to the preparation of students for a dynamic future. Our faculty develop curricula that will challenge your curiosity, employ your inventive facilities, and allow you to enjoy the triumph of discovery. We follow Euclid's rigorous approach to mathematics while exploring modern topics like sustainability.



        What We Do

        The Department of Psychology exemplifies St. John's University's core values (Truth; Love; Respect; Opportunity; Excellence; and Service) and its Vincentian mission. The department is committed to academic excellence, operates in accord with accepted ethical principles and with respect for individual rights and dignity, is committed to service to the community, and demonstrates through its research, teaching, and clinical training an appreciation of the importance of cultural diversity.


          Sociology and Anthropology

          What We Do

          The Department of Sociology and Anthropology educates students about social and cultural structures and practices that influence human behavior. We provide you with the sociological and anthropological skills to research individuals’ interactions in small groups, organizations, and communities, paying particular attention to structural inequalities along class, gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity, both within and across geographical borders, as well as historical and contemporary collective movements organized to provoke social change. An educational background in Sociology and Anthropology will prepare you to lead as a researcher, consultant, professor, or practitioner in both private and public work settings.  


            Theology and Religious Studies

            What We Do

            The Department of Theology and Religious Studies at St. John's University has its roots in Catholic tradition and is committed to exploring the breadth and depth of theological knowledge. The department offers courses which span the range of theological thought and provide a context for ecumenical dialogue and study.