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Grants and Research

Faculty in The School of Education are very active and successful in obtaining funding for research and scholarship through a variety of competitive mechanisms, including federal and state grants, foundation awards, and internal St. John’s University grants. Current grants reflect a breadth of groundbreaking research efforts, such as

  • improving early literacy among young children with and without disabilities
  • reducing risky behavior among college students
  • examining the connection between teacher licensure status and student academic achievement
  • designing and implementing comprehensive training experiences for rising educational leaders in challenging school districts
  • applying novel statistical analyses for making data-based decisions regarding student response to academic instruction, and
  • investigating the validity of monitoring the functioning of low-income young children in the context of family, health care, and community support systems. 

We continue to seek support for our research and scholarship through federal, state, and private foundation sources. This funding is critically important to our goals of using research and scholarship to improve the lives of individuals across the lifespan by providing an education that elevates.

The School of Education Grants

The National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

The School of Education at St. John’s University, in collaboration with St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, has recently been awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF) Robert Noyce grant. The NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is a prestigious national award that provides funding to institutions of higher education in the form of scholarships, stipends, and programmatic support for recruiting and preparing STEM majors and professionals to become K–12 teachers. The key goal of Noyce is to increase the number of K–12 teachers with strong STEM content knowledge who will teach in high-need schools and districts.

Project BRIDGE

Project Bridge is an interdisciplinary project which will examine the impact of scaffolding strategies for teaching mathematics to potentially gifted English learners for three years from kindergarten through second grade after school on their motivation, math and literacy growth.