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The program will provide Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physician Assistant, and Radiologic Sciences undergraduate students with the opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship with successful and experienced alumni. Our goal is to have mentors and mentees regularly interact and learn from each other. You can ask questions about your mentor’s field of study and career path; seek advice as you prepare for your career (resumes, cover letters, employment, etc). 

2024-2025 Milestone Schedule

Deadline to Sign up As a MentorSeptember 6, 20245 p.m. 
Mentor Q&A sessionSeptember 19, 20246 p.m.Virtual
Mentee OrientationOctober 20242 p.m.Virtual
AMP Kickoff and Mentor Appreciation EventOctober 24, 20247 p.m. 
AMP Skills Development Event February 20257 p.m. Virtual
AMP End of the Year & Networking EventApril 20257 p.m. In Person

Additional Information

Mentee Benefits

  • Building effective relationships and networks
  • Learning more about yourself
  • Having an experienced professional to speak with, in confidence
  • Getting advice on making the most out of your college education
  • Getting advice on potential approaches to problems
  • Hearing a different point of view
  • mentorship period

Mentoring Process

  • Commitment: At the Meet and Greet Luncheon, the mentor and mentee will use the Mentoring Agreement to define how often and the method of communication.
  • Objective: The Goal Setting worksheet will help the Mentor and Mentee set expectations.
  • Implement: Contact your mentor regularly (by phone, e-mail or Skype).

Role of the Mentee

  • Be professional in all your communication, whether it is through e-mail, over the phone, via Skype, or in person.
  • Remember a mentorship thrives on regular communication, and face-to-face meetings
  • It is also a good idea to develop an agenda outlining what you want to talk about during your conversations with your mentor. Many mentors are taking time out of their work day to talk with us, so you want to make sure the most of your time.

Together with your mentor, setup an attainable goal, you can work on with your mentor together, using the Goal Setting Worksheet:

Mentorship Program Requirements

  1. Schedule a orientation session.
  2. Attend 3 milestone events: Meet and GreetSkill Development and Networking Event, and Mentor Appreciation Dinner
  3. Meet with your mentor at least once per month through the end of the school year, in person, by phone, or video-chat.
  4. Complete program survey.

As an alumnus, we would like to provide you with an opportunity to mentor and make an impact on students. The College of Pharmacy and Health Science Alumni Mentoring Program is designed to connect young practitioners with experienced, leading practitioners. Our goal is directly connect students with alumni from the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in order to establish a variety of professional support. The program allows mentees to begin networking and developing careers and leadership roles through the relationship built with knowledgeable mentors. This program will help young pharmacist transition to the profession and better their potential for growth and success in the future.

Objectives of the Program

  1. Provide insight into career opportunities through students’ interaction with alumni
  2. Offer networking opportunities and contacts in student’s field of interest

Mentor Information

As a Alumni Mentor your professional and personal experiences will help pave the way for students to succeed at the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and beyond.

Provide inside industry expertise

  1. Share personal experiences, success, challenges and best practices
  2. Inform students about the latest business trends and corporate developments
  3. Provide professional advice and assistance regarding resume, careers and interviewing techniques


  1. If possible provide shadowing opportunity
  2. Introduce mentee to colleagues
  3. Invite mentee to attend a company or professional organization meeting(s)
  4. On-site tour  of place of employment


  1. Guide students through the interviewing process
  2. Provide constructive feedback and analysis of strengthens and areas of improvement

Mentoring Requirements

  1. Schedule a orientation session.
  2. Attend 3 milestone events: Meet and Greet, Skill Development and Networking Event, and Mentor Appreciation Dinner
  3. Meet with your mentor at least once per month through the end of the school year in person or by phone or video-chat.
  4. Complete program survey.

For any questions you may have please feel free to Diana J. Patino at [email protected].

What does it mean to be a mentor?
The guidance you provide varies based on the student’s needs it can range from helping a student to prepare for an upcoming interview to answering questions about the major or career he or she chooses.

What are the expectation of the mentor and mentee?
For mentors that reside within the state, he/she is expected to attend all 3 milestone events.

What if I don’t live locally?
If you live in another state and are interested you can participate by connecting with your mentor via e-mail, phone or video conference (i.e.-Skype, Facetime).

Are there requirement for being a mentor?
By participating in the Alumni Mentoring Program, you are committing to a minimum of one contact with your mentee(s) each month via e-mail, phone or video conference. We encourage mentors to keep the lines of communication open in case your mentee would like to reach out with questions.

What should I do if my mentor/mentee isn’t returning my phone calls/e-mails?
If you are experiencing any issues related to your mentorship, please send an e-mail to Diana J. Patino at [email protected].