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Human Resources Policy Manual

The Human Resources Policy Manual is a comprehensive guide to University-wide employment-related policies that apply to St. John’s University administrators and staff.  It is intended for supervisor use. The policies give supervisors the ability to make decisions within a framework that promotes consistency and objectivity.  The University adheres to all applicable local, state, and federal laws. 

See below for Recent Policy Updates, or search the Alphabetical list or Table of Contents view. HR Policies that apply to Faculty are listed separately below.

These human resources policies are not intended to create either an implied nor expressed contract or guarantee of employment or contractual obligation between the University and its employees. The University reserves the right to interpret, change, modify, add, delete or not apply all or part of the policy manual at any time. The manual includes policy information covering areas such as employment, work environment, employee relations, benefits, time off, compensation and administrative operations. In addition to the policies contained in the Human Resources Policy Manual, the University issues and maintains policies in other areas that affect employment. Employees should consult with other appropriate offices for additional applicable policies. 

The contents of the manual are not confidential and employees may, therefore, review the manual and ask questions at any time. The manual is maintained and updated by Human Resources. To notify the office of any corrections needed or for policy updates or questions, please contact HR Services at 718-990-1502 on the Queens campus.

Human Resources also maintains the Employee Handbook for administrators and staff. This useful resource contains employment policy summaries, procedures, and other practical information relating to the University and your work-life. Student workers should refer to the Student Worker Resource Guide


Policy NumberTitleDateType of Change
809Lactation Accommodation for Nursing Mothers3/18/19Revised
108Pre-employment Testing6/26/19Removed
506Voting Leave06/13/19Revised
707Sexual Abuse of Minors05/09/19Revised
901Information Security Policy05/01/19Revised
902Acceptable Use Policy05/01/19Revised
903Access Control Policy05/01/19Revised
904Identification and Authentication05/01/19Revised
905Business Continuity Policy05/01/19Revised
906Email Policy05/01/19Revised
907Compliance Management Policy05/01/19Revised
908Personnel Security Policy05/01/19Revised
909Application Development Security Policy05/01/19Revised
910Remote Access Policy05/01/19Revised
911Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy05/01/19Revised
912Password Policy05/01/19Revised
913Cryptography Policy05/01/19Revised
914Change Management Policy05/01/19Revised
915Malicious Code Policy05/01/19Revised
916Third Party Services Policy05/01/19Revised
917Physical and Environmental Security Policy05/01/19Revised
918IT Risk Assessment and Management Policy05/01/19Revised
919Information and Cyber-Security Incident Response Policy05/01/19Revised
920Asset Management Policy05/01/19Revised
921Security Awareness & Training Policy05/01/19Revised
922Information Classification Policy05/01/19Revised
923Configuration Management Policy05/01/19Revised
924Audit Logging & Reporting Policy05/01/19Revised
925Record Retention and Data Disposal Policy05/01/19Revised
926End User Computing Policy05/01/19Revised
927Network Security Policy05/01/19Revised
928Vulnerability and Patch Management Policy05/01/19Revised
125Separation from Employment02/06/19Clarified
509New York Paid Family Leave02/03/19Revised
107Background Checks01/30/19Revised
1008Demonstration Policy and Procedures01/24/19Revised
303Annual Increase (Merit or Across the Board)11/19/18Revised
704Policy against Bias, Discrimination and Harassment10/09/18Revised
608-CVincentian Scholarship Program10/09/18Revised
805Statement on a Drug-Free Workplace09/12/18Revised
702Corrective Action09/12/18Revised
701Complaint Resolution09/12/18Revised
113Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)09/12/18Revised
120Administrators/Staff Who Teach08/09/18Revised
403Personal Time07/18/18Revised
1002Signing Contracts05/02/18Revised
125Separation from Employment04/12/18Revised
102Equal Employment Opportunity03/13/18Revised
703Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures03/13/18Revised
509New York Paid Family Leave01/01/18New
Policy NumberPolicy Name
001Purpose and Authority
002Policy Changes and Distribution
003Mission Statement
004Vision Statement
005Core Values
006Biography of St. Vincent
101Employment at Will
102Equal Employment Opportunity
103Disabilities in the Workplace
105Job Posting
106Recruitment and Hiring
107Background Checks
109Employment of Relatives
110Employment of Minors
111Student Employment
112Temporary Employment
113Employment Eligibility Verification
114Employment Classifications
115Flexible Work Arrangements
116Academic Year Positions
117New Employee Orientation
118The Storm Card
119Employment Outside the University
120Administrators/Staff Who Teach
121Verification of Employment Information
122Personnel Records
123Employee Promotions
124Employee Transfers
125Separation from Employment
126Breaks in Service and Rehire
127Exit Interviews
128Family and Visitors on Employee-Led Programs Abroad
200Training, Performance Management and Development
201Orientation Period
202Performance Management Program
203Training and Development
301Compensation Policy
302Job Evaluation
303Annual Increase
304Presidential Recognition Program
305Exceptional Performance Award
306Time Records
307Paycheck Distribution
308Lost Paychecks
309Direct Deposit
311Garnishment of Wages and Payroll Deductions
312Shifts and Differentials
313Advanced Degree Bonus
316Petty Cash
317Additional Compensation for Employees Working on Sponsored Projects
318Time and Effort Reporting for Employees Working on Sponsored Projects
400Time Off
401Vacation Time
402ASick Time for Full-time Administrators
402BSick Time for Full-time Staff
402CSick Time Policy for Eligible Part-time Employees
403Personal Time
404Regular and Special Holidays
405Discretionary Time Off for Administrators
406Religious Observance
501Personal Leave of Absence
502Family and Medical Leave
503Uniformed Services Leave
504Death in Family
505Jury Duty
506Voting Leave
507Blood and Bone Marrow Donation Leave
508Leave of Absence for Military Spouses
509New York Paid Family Leave
601Medical and Dental Insurance
602Flexible Spending Accounts
603Short-term Disability (NY State Disability)
604Long-term Disability
605Life Insurance
606Supplemental Life Insurance
607Retirement Plans
607-ARetirement Plans
608-ATuition Remission for Administrators, Staff and Qualifying Retirees
608-AATuition Remission for Administrators, Staff and Qualifying Retirees Hired on or after June 1, 2010
608-BTuition Remission for Spouse/Children of Administrators and Staff
608-BBTuition Remission for Spouse/Children of Administrators and Staff Hired on or after June 1, 2010
608-CVincentian Scholarship Program
610Employee Assistance Program
611University Health and Professional Services
612Savings Bonds
615Travel Accident Insurance
616Auto and Homeowner's Insurance
617Social Security
618Worker's Compensation
619Unemployment Insurance
620Benefits for Retired Employees
621Benefits for Survivors
623Tuition Exchange Program
625Adoption Assistance
626Pet Insurance
627Legal Assistance
628Qualified Transportation Expenses
700Employee Relations
701Complaint Resolution
702Corrective Action
703Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures
704Policy against Bias, Discrimination and Harassment
707Sexual Abuse of Minors
708Violence in the Workplace
709Bias/Hate Crimes
710HIPAA Complaint Procedures
711Minors on Campus
712Reporting Student Crisis Situations
800Work Environment
801Professional Conduct
802The Workweek
803Meals and Breaks
805Statement on a Drug-Free Workplace
806Drug and Alcohol Policy
807Work-related Injury or Illness
808Diversity Initiative
809Lactation Accommodation for Nursing Mothers
810Pregnant Workers Fairness
811Policy and Administrative Procedures Governing Research Misconduct
900Information Technology
901Information Security Policy
902Acceptable Use Policy
903Access Control Policy
904Identification and Authentication
905Business Continuity Policy
906Email Policy
907Compliance Management Policy
908Personnel Security Policy
909Application Development Security Policy
910Remote Access Policy
911Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy
912Password Policy
913Cryptography Policy
914Change Management Policy
915Malicious Code Policy
916Third Party Services Policy
917Physical and Environmental Security Policy
918IT Risk Assessment and Management Policy
919Information and Cyber-Security Incident Response Policy
920Asset Management Policy
921Security Awareness & Training Policy
922Information Classification Policy
923Configuration Management Policy
924Audit Logging & Reporting Policy
925Record Retention and Data Disposal Policy 
926End User Computing Policy
927Network Security Policy
928Vulnerability and Patch Management Policy
1000Operating/Administrative Policies
1001Conflict of Interest
1002University Procedures for Signing Contracts
1003Campus Public Safety
1004Building Access and Keys
1005Vehicle and Parking Regulations
1006Crime Awareness and Reporting
1007Advisory Committee on Campus Security
1008Demonstration Policy
1009Speech and Expression
1010Environmental Health and Safety
1011Fire Safety
1012Facilities Services
1013Design and Construction
1014Annual Operating and Capital Budgeting Procedures
1016University Assets
1017Purchasing Standards
1018Purchase Orders
1019Travel and Expense Reimbursement
1023Conference and Auxiliary Services
1024Inviting the President to Meetings
1026Printing and Distribution
1027Animals on University Property
1028Emergency School Closing
1029Records Storage and Disposition
1030Media Relations
1031Security Policy for University Events
1033Emergency Text and Voice Messaging
1034Emergency Response Protocol: Death of a Student
1035Intellectual Property
1036Mail Services
Policy NamePolicy Number
Abuse of Minors, Sexual707
Academic Year Positions (see Reduced Schedule)116
Acceptable Use Policy902
Access Control Policy903
Lactation Accommodation for Nursing Mothers809
Additional Compensation for Employees Working on Sponsored Projects317
Administrators/Staff Who Teach120
Adoption Assistance625
Advanced Degree Bonus313
Advisory Committee on Campus Security1007
Alcohol Policy, Drug and806
Animals on University Property1027
Annual Increase303
Annual Operating and Capital Budgeting Procedures1014
Application Development Security909
Assault, Sexual703
Asset Management920
Assets, University1016
Attendance (see Professional Conduct)801
Attire, Appropriate Professional (see Professional Conduct)801
Audit Logging & Reporting924
Authority, Purpose and001
Auto and Homeowner's Insurance616
Background Checks107
Benefits for Retired Employees620
Benefits for Survivors621
Bias, Discrimination and Harassment704
Bias/Hate Crimes709
Biography of St. Vincent006
Blood and Bone Marrow Donation Leave507
Bonus, Advanced Degree313
Breaks in Service and Rehire126
Breaks and Meals803
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)911
Building Access and Keys1004
Business Continuity905
Campus Public Safety1003
Campus Security, Advisory Committee on1007
Capital Budgeting Procedures, Annual Operating1014
Cash, Petty316
Changes, Policy and002
Change Management914
Checks, Background107
Closing, Emergency School1028
Compensation for Employees Working on Sponsored Projects, Additional317
Compensation Policy301
Compensation, Worker's618
Complaint Procedures, Policy Against Discrimination, Discrimination-Related Harassment and Sexual Harassment and Related704
Complaint Resolution701
Compliance Management907
Compressed Workweek (see Flexible Work Arrangements)115
Conduct, Professional801
Conference and Auxiliary Services1023
Configuration Management923
Conflict of Interest1001
Construction, Design and1013
Contracts, University Procedures for Signing Contracts1002
Core Values005
Corrective Action702
Crime Awareness and Reporting1006
Crimes, Bias/Hate709
Crisis Situations, Reporting Student712
Death in Family504
Deductions, Garnishment of Wages and Payroll311
Death of a Student, Emergency Response Protocol1034
Demonstration Policy1008
Dental Insurance, Medical and601
Design and Construction1013
Development, Training and203
Differentials, Shifts and312
Direct Deposit309
Disabilities in the Workplace103
Disability, Long-term604
Disability, Short-term (NY State Disability)603
Discipline, Corrective Action702
Discretionary Time Off for Administrators405
Discrimination, Harassment and Bias, Policy Against704
Distribution,Printing and1026
Diversity Initiative808
Drug and Alcohol Policy806
Drug-Free Workplace,Statement on a805
Emergency Response Protocol: Death of a Student1034
Emergency School Closing1028
Emergency Text and Voice Messaging1033
Emergencies (see Reporting Student Crisis Situations)712
Employee Assistance Program610
Employee Orientation, New117
Employee Promotions123
Employee Transfers124
Employee-Led Programs Abroad, Family and Visitors on128
Employment at Will101
Employment Classifications114
Employment Eligibility Verification113
Employment Information,Verification of121
Employment of Minors110
Employment of Relatives109
Employment Outside the University119
Employment,Separation from125
Employment, Student111
Employment, Temporary112
End User Computing926
Environmental Health and Safety1010
Equal Employment Opportunity102
Evaluation, Job302
Events (see Conference and Auxiliary Services)1023
Events, Security Use for University1031
Exceptional Performance Award305
Exchange Program, Tuition623
Exit Interviews127
Expression, Speech and1009
Facilities Services1012
Family and Medical Leave502
Family and Visitors on Employee-Led Programs Abroad128
Family, Death in504
Fire Safety1011
Flexible Spending Accounts602
Flexible Work Arrangements115
Garnishment of Wages and Payroll Deductions311
Grants, (see Additional Compensation for Employees Working on Sponsored Projects)317
Grants, (see Time and Effort Reporting for Employees Working on Sponsored Projects)318
Grievance (see Complaint Resolution)701
Harassment, Discrimination and Bias704
Hate/Bias Crimes709
Health and Professional Services, University 611
Health and Safety, Environmental Health and Safety1010
HIPAA Complaint Procedures710
Hiring, Recruitment and106
Holidays, Regular and Special404
Homeowner's Insurance, Auto and616
I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification113
Identification and Authentication904
Illness, Work-related Injury or807
Increase, Annual303
Information Classification922
Information and Cyber-Security Incident Response 919
Information Security901
Injury or Illness, Work-related807
Insurance, Auto and Homeowner's616
Insurance, Life605
Insurance, Medical and Dental601
Insurance, Pet626
Insurance, Supplemental Life606
Insurance, Travel Accident615
Insurance, Unemployment619
Interest, Conflict of1001
Interviews, Exit127
Inviting the President to Meetings1024
IT Risk Assessment and Management918
Job Abandonment (see Separation from Employment)125
Job Evaluation302
Job Posting105
Job Sharing (see Flexible Work Arrangements)115
Jury Duty505
Keys, Building Access and1004
Lactation Accommodation for Nursing Mothers809
Leave of Absence, Personal501
Leave, Blood and Bone Marrow Donation507
Leave, Family and Medical502
Leave, Jury Duty505
Leave, Military Spouses508
Leave, Paid Family509
Leave, Uniformed Services503
Leave, Voting506
Legal Assistance627
Life Insurance605
Life Insurance, Supplemental606
Long-term Disability604
Lost Paychecks308
Mail Services1036
Malicious Code915
Meals and Breaks803
Media Relations1030
Medical and Dental Insurance601
Medical Leave, Family and502
Meetings, Inviting the President to1024
Minors on Campus711
Minors, Employment of110
Minors, Sexual Abuse of707
Misconduct, Research811
Mission Statement003
Network Security927
New Employee Orientation117
Lactation Accommodation for Nursing Mothers809
NY Paid Family Leave (PFL)509
NY State Disability (STD)603
Orientation Period201
Orientation, New Employee117
Paid Family Leave509
Parking Regulations, Vehicle and1005
Pay Increase (see Annual increase)303
Pay, Severance624
Paycheck Distribution307
Paychecks, Lost308
Payroll Deductions, Garnishment of Wages and311
Performance Award, Exceptional Performance305
Performance Management Program202
Personal Leave of Absence501
Personal Time403
Personnel Records122
Personnel Security908
Pet Insurance626
Petty Cash316
Physical and Environmental Security917
Plant Operations (see Facilities Services)1012
Policy against Bias, Discrimination and Harassment704
Policy Changes and Distribution002
Posting, Job105
Pregnant Workers Fairness810
Premium Only Plan, Flexible Spending Account and602
Presidential Recognition Program304
President to Meetings, Inviting the1024
Printing and Distribution1026
Procedures for Signing Contracts, University1002
Procedures, Annual Operating and Capital Budgeting1014
Professional Conduct801
Professional Services, University Health and611
Promotions, Employee123
Public Safety, Campus1003
Purchase Orders1018
Purchasing Standards1017
Purpose and Authority001
Qualified Transportation Expenses628
Records, Personnel122
Recognition Program, Presidential304
Recognize Excellence and Development (RED)202
Record Retention and Data Disposal925
Records Storage and Disposition1029
Recruitment and Hiring106
Reduced Schedule (see Flexible Work Arrangements)115
Regular and Special Holidays404
Rehire, Breaks in Service and126
Reimbursement, Travel and Expense1019
Relatives, Employment of109
Religious Observance406
Remote Access910
Reporting, Anonymous (see Whistleblower policy)1032
Reporting, Crime Awareness and1006
Reporting for Employees Working on Sponsored Projects, Time and Effort318
Reporting Student Crisis Situations712
Research Misconduct811
Resignation (see Separation from Employment)125
Retired Employees, Benefits for620
Retirement Plans607
Retirement Plans607-A
Safety, Campus Public1003
Safety, Environmental Health and1010
Safety, Fire1011
Salary Increase (see Annual Increase)303
Schedule Changes, Temporary Work (see Personal Time)403
School Closing, Emergency1028
Security Awareness & Training921
Security Policy for University Events1031
Separation from Employment125
Service and Rehire, Breaks in126
Services Leave, Uniformed503
Sexual Abuse of Minors707
Sexual Assault703
Sexual Harassment (see Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment)704
Sexual Misconduct703
Shifts and Differentials312
Short-Term Disability (NY State Disability)603
Sick Time for Full-time Administrators402A
Sick Time for Full-time Staff402B
Sick Time Policy for Eligible Part-time Employees402C
Social Security617
Special Events (see Conference and Auxiliary Services)1023
Speech and Expression1009
Spending Accounts, Flexible602
Sponsored Projects, Additional Compensation for Employees Working on317
Sponsored Projects, Time and Effort Reporting for Employees Working on318
St. Vincent, Biography of006
Staff/Administrators Who Teach120
Statement on a Drug-Free Workplace805
Storage and Disposition, Records1029
Storm Card, The118
Student Employment111
Supplemental Life Insurance606
Survivors, Benefits for621
Teach, Administrators/Staff Who120
Telecommuting (see Flexible Work Arrangements)115
Telephone Use (see Professional Conduct)801
Temporary Employment112
Temporary Work Schedule Change (see Personal Time)403
Termination (see Separation from Employment)125
The Workweek802
Third Party Services916
Time and Effort Reporting for Employees Working on Sponsored Projects318
Time Off for Administrators, Discretionary (Exempt only)405
Time Records306
Time, Personal403
Time, Sick (for Full-time Administrators)402A
Time, Sick (for Full-time Staff)402B
Time, Sick ( for Eligible Part-time Employees)402C
Time, Vacation401
Training and Development203
Transfers, Employee124
Transportation Expenses, Qualified628
Travel Accident Insurance615
Travel and Expense Reimbursement1019
Tuition Exchange Program623
Tuition Remission for Administrators, Staff and Qualifying Retirees608-A
Tuition Remission for Administrators, Staff and Qualifying Retirees Hired on or after June 1, 2010608-AA
Tuition Remission for Spouse/Children of Administrators and Staff608-B
Tuition Remission for Spouse/Children of Administrators and Staff Hired on or after June 1, 2010608-BB
Tuition Remission, Vincentian Scholarship Program608-C
Unemployment Insurance619
Uniformed Services Leave503
University Assets1016
University Events, Security Policy1031
University Health and Professional Services611
University Procedures for Signing Contracts1001
Vacation Time401
Values, Core005
Vehicle and Parking Regulations1005
Verification of Employment Information121
Vincentian Scholarship Program608-C
Violence in the Workplace708
Vision Statement004
Visitors on Employee-Led Programs Abroad,Family and128
Voting Leave506
Vulnerability and Patch Management928
Wages and Payroll Deductions, Garnishment of311
Weapons (see Violence in the Workplace)708
Work Arrangements, Flexible Work115
Worker's Compensation618
Workplace, Disabilities in the103
Workplace, Statement on a Drug-Free805
Workplace, Violence in the708
Work-related Injury or Illness807
Workweek, The802

Welcome to the Human Resources Policy Page for Faculty

Below you will find links to various Human Resources policies that apply to St. John's faculty members. This list is not exhaustive, but serves to supplement other sources of policy, procedure and rules that apply to faculty, such as may be located in the University Statutes, the Collective Bargaining Agreement (PDF), the online Faculty Resource Guide (PDF) provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning, or as communicated by the Office of the Provost or your college's Dean's office. If any information contained in these HR Policies differs from that which is stated in the faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement, then the CBA language prevails. Additionally, faculty members should always refer to the CBA for procedural protocols and benefit entitlements, as they may be more expansive than provided for in HR policy.

Because the University retains the ability to revise its Human Resources policies and to create additional policies, you should periodically check this page for updated information. You may also contact Human Resources directly if you have any questions. 

Policy NumberPolicy Name
102Equal Employment Opportunity
103Disabilities in the Workplace
107Background Checks
317Additional Compensation for Employees Working on Sponsored Projects
318Time and Effort Reporting for Employees Working on Sponsored Projects
502Family and Medical Leave
see also CBA Article 16:Leaves 
503Uniformed Services Leave
505Jury Duty
506Voting Leave
507Blood and Bone Marrow Donation Leave
508Leave of Absence for Military Spouses
703Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures
704Policy against Bias, Discrimination and Harassment
707Sexual Abuse of Minors
708Violence in the Workplace
710HIPAA Complaint Procedures
712Reporting Student Crisis Situations
805Statement on a Drug-Free Workplace
806Drug and Alcohol Policy
809Lactation Accommodation for Nursing Mothers
810Pregnant Workers Fairness
1028Emergency School Closing
1033Emergency Text and Voice Messaging
1034Emergency Response Protocol: Death of a Student
1035Intellectual Property
 Policy on Family and Visitors on Faculty-Led Programs Abroad (PDF)
 Faculty Tuition Remission (PDF)
 Policy and Administrative Procedures Governing Research Misconduct (PDF)
 Sick Time Policy for Adjunct Faculty (PDF)


Sick Time Policy for Adjuncts (PDF) - Adjunct faculty hired to work at least eighty (80) hours per calendar year are entitled to accrue one (1) hour of paid sick time for every thirty (30) hours worked, up to a maximum of forty (40) hours of paid sick time a year.