Policy 1004 - Building Access and Keys

Section: Operating/Administrative
Policy Number: 1004
Responsible Office: Public Safety
Effective Date: 4/1/01
Revised: 6/1/01; 2/10/10; 7/18/17

Building Access

For each campus, as the utilization of a building diminishes during the day or evening, Public Safety locks the building. These buildings are patrolled throughout the night on a random basis to ensure the safety and security of the campus. The same procedure is repeated during the weekend hours. On the Staten Island campus, Public Safety locks many of the classrooms after the last class of the day.

Exterior door access to a locked building is granted only on a limited basis of proven need. Public Safety is prepared to escort anyone to and from a building during non-working hours. Anyone entering or leaving a building during non-working hours is required to notify the Department of Public Safety.

Students, faculty and staff are required to show a valid St. John's Stormcard in order to gain entrance to the computer facilities, the University Center, Carnesecca Arena, the Libraries, Residence Halls and St. Albert Hall (after 11 p.m.) on the Queens campus and the Gym, the Campus Center and the Library on the Staten Island campus. Public Safety personnel are stationed at the entrance points to check all persons entering the above mentioned buildings.

If an individual, regardless of status, does not have valid identification, he/she should report to the Department of Public Safety to obtain identification. (ROTC Building on the Queens campus or call ext. 6281; Spellman Hall on the Staten Island campus or call ext. 4487; or Security Lobby Desk on the Manhattan campus or call ext. 5155.)

Resident Facility Access

The access control component of the Storm Card has been activated for individuals residing in the resident facilities.


The University Key Control Program is under the auspices of the Public Safety Department. A Vice President, Dean or department head must authorize all requests for keys. Exterior door access to a locked building is granted on a limited basis or priority need. Request for lock changes or replacement keys can be made at the Public Safety office in Queens (718)990-6281, Staten Island (718) 390-4487 and Manhattan (212) 277-5155. Requests require budget approval. Individuals authorized to have keys at the Long Island Graduate Center, or who request key or lock changes, should contact the Queens locksmith at (718) 990-5818 or Queens Public Safety office at (718) 990-6281.

Employees must return University keys to their supervisor upon separation from employment.

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