Policy 120 - Administrators/Staff Who Teach

Section: Employment
Policy Number: 120
Responsible Office: Provost
Effective Date: 7/21/97
Revised: 8/14/01; 9/3/03; 1/1/04; 4/20/04; 3/10/12; 3/19/13; 8/11/15; 8/9/18


This policy applies to full-time Administrators and Staff. It does not apply to courses taught in the School of Law.


Recognizing the value and expertise that administrators and staff can bring to classroom instruction at St. John’s University, the following policy shall inform decisions made with regard to the assignment of administrators/staff to courses of instruction offered within the University:

  1. After June 30, 1997, the University will make no employment commitment to administrators/staff that includes teaching. The obvious exception to this rule will be those faculty appointed with administrative responsibilities as part of their contract. Another exception is the “Discover New York” course.
  2. Administrators/staff with appropriate academic credentials who desire to teach for additional pay will be eligible to do so only before or after scheduled University office hours (generally, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or before or after their office hours as arranged with their supervisors. Since classes begin at 7:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, administrators/staff who are permitted by their supervisors or office policy will be eligible for assignment to teach 7:30 a.m. classes, but must extend their administrative workday accordingly. Administrators/staff may teach the “Discover New York” course at another time with the approval of their supervisor.
  3. Administrators/staff with appropriate academic credentials who desire to teach must first obtain permission from their immediate supervisor before accepting a course assignment; that permission must be communicated in writing to the Dean of the College in which the course is being offered. The department providing the course assignment must also provide a written request/justification to the Dean.
  4. The Dean of the College in which the courses concerned are being offered will notify the Provost in writing of the teaching assignments of administrators/staff approved to teach in the College before final approval is communicated in writing by the Dean to the administrator/staff and his or her immediate supervisor and the department chairperson concerned.
  5. The current rate payable to administrators/staff who teach is 1/36 of the base salary per course credit with a cap of $1,500 per credit and $4,500 per course. Effective with the Fall 2012 semester, administrators/staff who teach the “Discover New York” course during their normal working hours as defined by Item #2 above will receive a stipend of $2,250; those who teach “Discover New York” before or after their normal working hours shall be compensated at the rate of 1/12 of their base salary to a maximum of $4,500. Administrators and staff who teach “Discover New York” for the first time will receive an additional $1,000 development stipend. Part-time staff and administrators who teach are paid at the appropriate Adjunct rate.
  6. Administrators/staff shall not be given approval to teach more than one course, but if, in the rarest of circumstances, a second course is taught there will be no remuneration for the teaching assignment. Post-doctoral research fellows are permitted to teach up to two courses with remuneration.
  7. As in the past, administrators/staff may not teach during any summer session or intersession, except in the rarest of situations when an exemption may be made by the Provost.

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