Policy 608-C - Vincentian Scholarship Program

Section: Benefits
Policy Number: 608-C
Responsible Office: Financial Aid
Revised: 11/1/02; 9/1/05; 10/9/18


Under the Religious Scholarship Program, which provides certain educational scholarships to members of religious communities, a Vincentian Scholarship program is available to qualifying Vincentian priests and brothers. Qualifying Vincentian priests and brothers include all who are currently employed, those who qualify under the University’s definition of an eligible retiree, and those who served the University for at least 10 years and are no longer employed at the University.

Program Reference

Vincentian priests and brothers who qualify under this program are eligible for tuition scholarships for themselves and certain qualifying relatives. Vincentians may contact the Office of Financial Aid at (718) 990-5743 for more information on this scholarship program and to obtain a copy of the program criteria, applicable degree conditions and procedures.

St. John's University, New York
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