Policy 1034 - Emergency Response Protocol: Death of a Student

Section: Operating/Administrative
Policy Number: 1034
Responsible Office: Student Affairs
Effective Date: 9/1/08
Revised: 5/29/17

Statement of Protocol

The University has developed guidelines and procedures for University officials to follow in the event of the death of a St. John’s University student. As part of this protocol, a Student Death Response Committee was established, chaired by the Vice President for Student Affairs and comprised of a team of university professionals. Committee members will fluctuate depending on the given situation, but typically will include the VP for Student Affairs, Dean of Students, Director of Residential Life, Director of Media Relations, VP for Campus Ministry, Executive Director of Student Wellness, VP for Public Safety, and a member of the student’s academic dean’s office. 

The complete Emergency Response Protocol for the death of a student is included as part of the Student Affairs Emergency Preparedness Operating Plan, which conforms to the University’s Emergency Management Structure Plan. Steps in the protocol include the notification process, coordination within departments and between internal and external entities, and other actions to be taken by the University.

When a student death occurs on University premises or at events under University control, it is important that no person involved in the University speculate as to the cause of death or make statements assigning responsibility for the cause of death to any individual or group. Media Relations will be the single voice of the University and all media inquiries must be directed to them.

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