Policy 604 - Long-Term Disability

Section: Benefits
Policy Number: 604
Responsible Office: HR/Benefits
Effective Date: 4/1/01
Revised: 1/1/02; 5/1/05


All full-time administrators and staff are covered by the core long-term disability (LTD) plan after one year of employment. Eligible employees may participate in the Optional LTD Plan, which offers enhancements over the core plan.


The University provides to eligible employees core LTD coverage, at no cost to employees. Eligible employees may participate in the Optional LTD Plan by paying the required premiums for this plan.

Coverage Overview – Core Plan

  • Monthly benefit of 60% of base pay.
  • Maximum monthly benefit: $3,000 (administrators); $2,000 (staff).
  • Annuity benefit: 15% (administrators); 10% (staff).
  • Other features as detailed in plan document.

Coverage Overview – Optional Plan

  • Monthly benefit of 66.67% of base pay.
  • Maximum monthly benefit: $10,000 (administrators and staff).
  • Annuity benefit: 15% (administrators); 10% staff.
  • Other features as detailed in plan document.

Benefits begin on the first of the month following 180 days of total disability. Employees must exhaust all accrued sick time prior to receiving disability benefits.

During any long-term disability an employee will continue to receive the same Universitypaid health benefits he or she received while actively employed for a period of up to 18 months from the commencement of the LTD leave. However, any benefit premiums that had been deducted from the employee’s paycheck will accrue during the period of time when no paycheck is issued. The arrears will be collected when the employee returns to work. If the employee does not return to work, the University will bill the employee for the premiums owed.

Upon returning to work after a disability leave, an employee must present a certification from his or her physician stating fitness to return to work. The University reserves the right to require a complete fitness for work physical examination by the University physician. An employee participating in the Optional LTD may be entitled to additional, enhanced return to work benefits.

For specific coverage information, instructions for filing a claim, or a summary plan description, contact the Employee Benefits Office at extension 2363. If anything stated in this policy differs from the information contained in the plan documents, then the plan documents supersede this policy.

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