Policy 117 - New Employee Orientation

Section: Employment
Policy Number: 117
Responsible Office: Human Resources
Effective Date: 10/10/00
Revised: 5/1/02; 2/22/12


Full time and part time administrators and staff are included in this program.


An effective orientation program for new employees is vital to the establishment of a strong foundation for the employment relationship. The Office of Human Resources is service oriented, and its varied functions support employees in many ways throughout their careers at St. John’s. As an initial introduction to employment at the University, Human Resources conducts an orientation meeting for new hires on the third Monday of each month, or as the need arises. The purpose of the meeting is to impart valuable employment information to new employees, and to respond to any questions they have. Some of the topics covered during orientation include:

  • The University’s Mission, Core Values, Vision and Institutional Goals
  • A history of the University and its Vincentian founding
  • Overview of organizational structure and departments unique to higher education
  • Employment and compliance policies and procedures
  • Safety and security at St. John’s
  • Navigating the University’s Intranets and the St. John’s website
  • Payroll overview
  • Employee benefits

Departmental orientation is the responsibility of each supervisor. Specific information that pertains to a new employee’s job or department should be provided by the supervisor.

St. John's University, New York
Human Resources Policy Manual