Internal Career Development

Recognizing and retaining exceptional employees is a top priority at St. John’s University. Partnering with and supporting employees, the Office of Human Resources is committed to helping our employees advance in their careers right here at St. John’s.

Human Resources has introduced a series of initiatives to enhance internal career development and mobility so that employees can leverage their interests and talents.  The University’s success depends on the contributions and commitment of a dedicated and stable workforce; and to the extent that we can guide our employees internally along a path of professional growth and development, then everyone benefits.

Internal Career Development Toolkit

Coaching, Training, Progress, Resources, Portal Progression

While individually each of us is accountable for managing our own career, as your employer we want to ensure you are provided with the tools and resources to develop skills and with sound guidance on the subject of your career development.

  • Coaching - Your first stop on the road to Internal Career Development is one-on-one coaching for managers and employees.
  • Training - Provides ongoing opportunities for growth and development.
  • Progress - In the Professional Growth and Enrichment Series, follow a self-exploratory path and gain insight into your next career step at St. John's.
  • Resources - Many tools are available to you.
  • Portal - The internal career portal is your one-stop resource for jobs – and, perhaps most significant, when you apply through the portal, St. John's University will know you are already a current employee.