Policy 111 - Student Employment

Section: Employment
Policy Number: 111
Responsible Office: HR/Recruitment
Effective Date: 4/1/01
Revised: 8/1/07; 8/10/12; 12/1/12; 7/13/17

St. John’s University is committed to supporting part-time, on-campus student employment to benefit both the departments of the University and the students they employ. By joining students and employees through the opportunity of student employment, academic experience is enhanced with practical learning on the job in a supportive and challenging setting.  Student employees play an integral part in many University offices. In return for their service and assistance, student employees gain valuable office and technical skills, perform work that may relate to a future career, earn a competitive salary rate, have flexibility in scheduling work hours, and eliminate the additional cost of commuting to and from a workplace.

The Office of Human Resources provides supervisors of student workers with a toolkit of resources for hiring and managing student workers that can be found on the Supervising Student Workers webpage. For detailed policies and procedures relating to student employment, supervisors should read the Supervisor’s Guide to Managing Student Workers, published online as a .pdf document. This guide provides detailed employment information for supervisors of student workers, including: Section I - Introduction with definitions, requirements and eligibility; Section II - Getting Ready to Hire, that addresses job posting, interviewing, hiring and training; Section III - On the Job, containing employment-related policies and procedures; and Section IV - Expectations on the Job, that addresses such topics as workplace conduct, attendance, performance concerns and confidentiality.

The Student Worker Resource Guide is a handbook that contains employment-related information, policies and procedures that apply to SJU student employment positions. Students should be directed to their supervisors or to the Office of Student Employment in cases where they have additional questions or need further clarification.

The Student Employment Manager can be reached at [email protected] or 718-990-2331.

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Human Resources Policy Manual