Policy 313 - Advanced Degree Bonus

Section: Compensation
Policy Number: 313
Responsible Office: HR/Payroll
Effective Date: 4/1/01
Clarified: 9/10/02; 11/10/11

(Program discontinued effective 01/01/14)

Discontinued bonus program 01/01/14


This bonus policy has been discontinued for all employees who enroll in an advanced degree program as of January 1, 2014. Employees who were enrolled in an advanced degree program prior to 2014 are grandfathered and as such will be eligible for the applicable bonus upon receiving their advanced degree, provided they have met the terms of this policy.


In recognition of the accomplishment of an advanced educational degree, the University has established the following bonus amounts, to be issued as a one-time lump sum payment upon achievement of the advanced degree conferred by an accredited institution. An employee may receive only one award at each level (one $3,000 award and one $5,000 award).

Master’s Degree, Professional Diploma, Advanced Professional Certificate, or first professional degree*: $3,000

Doctoral Degree: $5,000

* Examples of a first professional degree include the J.D., M.Div., and PharmD.


In order for the Payroll Office to process an award request, employees must submit the following acceptable documentation to Human Resources Services:

  1. A completed Payroll Change Form (PCF) signed by the supervisor and accompanied by a diploma, and a transcript that shows the date that the employee enrolled in and began taking classes toward the degree. This date must precede 01/01/14 in order to be eligible for a bonus under this program
  2. A completed PCF signed by the supervisor and accompanied by an official transcript showing completion of all degree requirements and degree conferral. The transcript must show that the employee began taking classes toward the degree prior to 01/01/14 in order to be eligible for a bonus under this program If the transcript does not show degree conferral, then the employee should attach a letter written by an appropriate official of the institution that establishes that the individual has met all of the requirements for the degree and gives the date of degree conferral.

Any questions regarding acceptable documentation can be directed to (718) 990-1502 in the Human Resources Services office.

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