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Values and Inclusion Program

The Values and Inclusion Program (VIP) recognizes employees who demonstrate a commitment to inclusion, thereby emphasizing and promulgating the University’s core values: truth, love, respect, opportunity, excellence, and service. All faculty, administrators, and staff are eligible for nomination; all campuses are encouraged to participate.

The VIP nomination period opens annually with a link to the nomination form provided here. Below, you can view presentations of past recipients.

St. John's University - VIP Values and Inclusion Program

How it Works

Annually, the Office of Human Resources (HR) holds an open nomination period. During this time, members of the University community can nominate employees who demonstrate a commitment to inclusion in the workplace or learning environment. This can be for an employee’s consistent trait or the result of a significant, one-time event. All VIP nominees will be announced to the University community and featured in a video slideshow. A review committee will select three employees to receive VIP Awards presented by Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P., President, during the University's annual Employee Recognition Convocation.

For questions about the VIP employee recognition program, contact Human Resources at 718-990-1865, press 8.

Who Can Nominate 

Any member of the University community can nominate an employee for recognition (e.g., a peer, supervisor, employee in a different department, department head, student, faculty member, etc.). Employees are nominated for demonstrating one or more of our six core values (i.e., truth, love, respect, opportunity, excellence, and service) to further inclusion at St. John’s University.


Eligible employees who are nominated will be announced to the University community and featured in a video slide show. In addition, nominees will be recognized on the St. John's University website.

One faculty member, one staff member and one administrator will be selected to receive special recognition during the annual Employee Recognition Convocation.

University Core Values


Knowledge in accord with reality, behavior faithful to ethical standards. St. John’s affirms the threefold mission of a University to seek truth through research, to disseminate it through teaching, and to act on it. The University values and utilizes the perspectives of different cultures to assist its members in seeking truth and developing ethical standards, while affirming the Judeo-Christian tradition.


Focusing and extending minds and hearts to nurture one’s own and another’s good. Love expressed in the University community is not a feeling but an action for the corporate good manifested through the time, talent, and energy of its members. It is a responsible dedication to utilize available resources and turn them toward humanity’s good.


Awareness of and esteem for all individuals. A courteous regard for all people whose diversity is embraced and shared in learning, teaching, and service to others within the University community and beyond.


Circumstances favorable to serving others and preparing one’s self for a fulfilling life. Guided by its central commitment to equality, justice, and Christian morality, the University makes its resources available to all its members to pursue their individual and collective interests.


Striving, growing, never being complacent: the St. John’s community empowers and inspires students, faculty, administration, and staff to succeed in programs which assist them in every area of achievement.


Vincentian spirituality in action, a response to God’s call to give of ourselves. Our obligation and commitment to service lie not only in our active compassion as an institution, but in the cultivation of these priorities and values in the members of our community. We are committed to a life of stewardship as a caretaker of God-given talents, resources, and knowledge, and caregiver responding to the needs of others.

University Inclusivity Statement

A dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the heart of our mission. As a Catholic and Vincentian University, St. John’s is committed to institutionalizing practices of inclusive excellence to ensure that we welcome and celebrate the intrinsic worth of all members of our community.

We will become an even stronger University as we enhance equity at every level of our institution. As noted in our Vision Statement, our graduates will excel in the competencies and values required for leadership and service in a rapidly evolving world.


Past Nominees

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