Policy 1027 - Animals on University Property

Section: Operating/Administrative
Policy Number: 1027
Responsible Office: HR/HR Services
Effective Date: 11/10/98


For health and safety reasons, no animals, except as noted below, are permitted on University grounds or in University-owned or leased buildings. An animal found on University grounds or in a University-owned or leased building will be impounded.
Animals left unattended in motor vehicles parked on University grounds are also subject to impoundment if they create a nuisance or if the welfare of the animal is threatened. Owners will be responsible for all costs associated with the impoundment of an animal, including veterinary expenses.


The only exceptions to this policy are the following:

  • Animals trained to assist persons with disabilities.
  • Animals used in University laboratories or classrooms for research or observation purposes.
  • Fish in aquariums in residence halls.
  • Common household pets in off-campus residences owned or leased by the University.


St. John's University, New York
Human Resources Policy Manual