Policy 810 - Pregnant Workers Fairness

Section: Work Environment
Policy Number: 810
Responsible Office: HR/HRServices
Effective Date: 1/30/14
Revised: 10/14/14


This policy applies to all employees, including staff, administrators, faculty members and student workers.


St. John’s University complies with New York City Human Rights law that prohibits discrimination in employment based on pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition. The University further complies with all applicable federal and state laws that prohibit discrimination in employment. The University will work with employees who seek reasonable accommodation to perform functions of their job where they need assistance due to pregnancy or recovery from childbirth. Some examples of accommodations may include bathroom or other breaks, assistance with manual tasks, unpaid medical leave and changes to the work environment.


Supervisors are not authorized to make decisions regarding requests for accommodation. Employees or supervisors who need assistance in securing accommodations should contact a member of the Human Resources Services team at (718) 990-1502. HR Services will engage in an interactive process with the employee and the department to determine the appropriate accommodation in accordance with the law. Employees can refer to the Pregnancy & Employment Rights poster on the Employment Posters web page.

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