Supervising Student Workers

Supervising student workers requires more than delegation, it requires mentoring, direct communication, and ongoing guidance. A positive student employment experience on campus not only assists in student retention, it provides meaningful opportunities for career development and job readiness by giving students a meaningful on-campus work experience where they learn skills that will translate to a future career.

The resources provided below are aimed at helping you, the supervisors and managers to:

  • Promote an open dialogue between student workers and their supervisors and managers
  • Clarify performance expectations, set goals, and monitor progress
  • Provide formal, written performance feedback
  • Identify and prepare individuals for increased responsibility
  • Cultivate a transfer of knowledge between academics and work 
  • Develop student workers workplace professionalism and skills
  • Motivate student workers by giving them meaningful work, recognition and support


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Reach out to the Student Employment office in Human Resources or to University Career Services if you need assistance. 

Darren Russell
Student Employment Manager
Department of Human Resources
Office: (718) 990-1865, press 3
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Hiring Steps

  1. Review the Supervisor’s Guide to Managing Student Workers (PDF).
  2. Be prepared to provide specific information about the student worker position you need to fill, including:
    1. Special skills needed
    2. Work schedule
    3. Whether it is a College Work-Study or a Regular Student (non work-study) opening
    4. Any additional information related to the position
  3. Complete the Student Worker Request Form found on the HR Forms page, and forward the request to the Recruitment Office via email or via fax 718-990-2613. You can also call us at 718-990-1865, press 3, to have the request form sent to you.
  4. Ensure the position has been posted accurately by reviewing the job posting list.
  5. Important! Refer to the resources above for guidance and information on managing your student worker.

Students Honored in Employment (SHinE) Recognition Program

What is SHinE?

SHinE stands for Students Honored in Employment, an annual award program for student workers sponsored by the Office of Human Resources and Student Employment. SHinE seeks to recognize the outstanding contributions and achievements of students who work on campus while attending college. Supervisors may nominate eligible student workers who meet the program criteria. Up to four (4) students annually may be awarded $500.00 (less applicable taxes) and be invited to a ceremony and luncheon with their supervisors and management.

Program Purpose

  • Encourage student workers to take initiative and strive for excellence in their work.
  • Provide an opportunity for differentiation and recognition based on a sound nomination process.
  • Recognize high performing student workers who have demonstrated exceptional qualities in their work and exceeded expectations.
  • Reinforce qualities that are important for success in any line of work after graduation.


In order to be eligible for nomination, a student worker must have completed two consecutive semesters of employment in their current department, be in good academic standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA, full-time academic eligibility and work a minimum of 10 hours per week. Student workers may be classified as either Regular or Federal Work-Study; and both undergraduate and graduate student workers may be nominated. Students participating in study abroad or an academic internship for the current semester are still eligible for nomination.

2024 SHinE Award Program

When considering a student for nomination, make sure to review the requirements and the student worker core competencies. At the beginning of each annual nomination period, student worker supervisors will be notified and provided with detailed instructions about how to nominate a student worker in their department. The nomination period for the 2024 SHinE award program ran from January 29 - February 16, 2024 and is now closed.

The SHinE recognition luncheon for award recipients and semi-finalists was held this year on April 11, 2024 during National Student Employment Week. View the agenda and list of award recipients.

Past Award Recipients and Program Information

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