Names and Pronouns: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request that St. John’s University update its systems (MySJU, UIS, Banner) and publications (StormCard, University business card, University email address) to reflect the name, pronouns, and/or title with which I self-identify?

Please fill out a name/pronouns/title change form and send it to Equal Opportunity and Compliance by emailing [email protected]

Where will my chosen name be used by St. John's University?

As long as the use of a chosen name is not for purposes of misrepresentation, it will be used within the University's information systems, except when the University determines that the use of the legal name is necessary or required by law or University policy.

Do I have to use the name or pronouns and/or title (e.g., Ms./Mrs./Mx.) with which a person self-identifies?

Yes.  The law requires employees to use the name, pronouns, and title (e.g., Ms./Mrs./Mx.) with which a person self-identifies, regardless of the person’s sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the person’s identification.

What if my manager, department chair or colleague refuses to use the name, pronouns and/or title with which I or another person self-identifies?

Please report this behavior to Equal Opportunity and Compliance by calling (718) 990-1865 (press 4) or completing the online reporting form available at  You may also email Danielle Haynes, the Interim Director of Equal Opportunity and Compliance, at [email protected]

How can I request a StormCard that reflects the name with which I self-identify? 

Please contact Equal Opportunity and Compliance to begin the process. Please note that the University may not be able to print all of the characters of your name on your StormCard because of space limitations. 

May I take a new photo for my StormCard?


Can the University issue me an email address that reflects the name with which I self-identify? 

The University can modify the display name associated with your email address to reflect the name with which you self-identify, however, the Information Technology department cannot modify the email address assigned to you at the time you began employment ([email protected]). It generally takes 24-48 business hours for this change to take effect. An IT Service Desk representative will call/email you after your email address display name has been changed. 

Can I change my voicemail message to reflect the name with which I self-identify? 

Yes. For voicemail instructions, please see the following instructions (PDF)