Policy 623 - Tuition Exchange Program

Responsible Office: HR/Benefits
Effective Date: 1/1/02
Clarified: 1/1/07
Revised: 9/1/03; 11/23/11; 5/12/15


Full-time administrators and staff who have completed two calendar years of full-time service at the University as of January 15th of the current academic year are eligible to apply for this benefit. Recipients are selected according to the employee’s length of service with the University


St. John’s is a member of The Tuition Exchange, a consortium of over 600 colleges and universities that offer competitive scholarships between member schools. The Tuition Exchange Program (TEP) allows eligible full-time St. John’s administrators and staff and their dependent children or legal dependents to attend other member schools, and in exchange, dependent children of employees of other schools may attend St. John’s. Consortium member institutions agree to remit tuition for participants from other member schools. Tuition Exchange is for undergraduate study only.

The TEP expands the current tuition remission program to provide enhanced educational benefit opportunities for employees, but scholarships are not guaranteed for any employee. Scholarships are awarded competitively and vary annually depending on availability of scholarship money to St. John’s employees and their dependents. Furthermore, applicants must meet all of the admission requirements and be accepted at the receiving school. For more information about the TEP, visit Employee Benefits on the web or call extension 2020 in the Office of Human Resources.

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