Stephen J. Gold

Hard Work, Dedication, and Loyalty—Keys to CPS Graduate’s Success 

“Success does require knowledge, but you need something more as well—and that’s a strong work ethic,” observed Stephen Gold ’82SVC, current Board Director for four different companies and former Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Business Operations Officer at CVS Health. “I credit St. John’s with helping me to develop both of these necessities.”

As the senior technology executive for numerous Fortune 500 Companies, Mr. Gold has spent his career being responsible for all information systems and technology operations, including information technology strategy, application development, and infrastructure. Under his leadership, CVS Health was among the 2016 CIO 100 Award winners for IT excellence.

In addition, Mr. Gold was inducted into the CIO Hall of Fame. “At St. John’s, I was exposed to a values system that has remained with me since my days as a student on campus,” Mr. Gold noted. “Those ideals continue to remain a force in my life and my career.”

Growing up in Queens, Mr. Gold wanted to attend college in one of New York City’s five boroughs. “I really wanted to stay here,” he said, “since my family was nearby, as was my future wife. St. John’s was the perfect fit.” 

As an undergraduate at the University, Mr. Gold attended St. Vincent College, now known as the Collins College of Professional Studies. “My computer science education was less about learning the little details of a specific programming language and more about learning how to think and apply those skills to different situations,” he recalled. “I’m a very principle-based person. My St. John’s experience helped shape many of my approaches to business—and to life.”

Mr. Gold said he began his professional career at the place where so many recent college graduates do—the bottom of the corporate ladder. “I started out as an entry-level systems programmer,” he recalled. His professional rise attested to his talent and commitment. “Over the course of my career,” he said, “I’ve done every single job there is to do in the field, ultimately running both IT and business operations for a Fortune 7 company.”

Grateful to the University for molding him and preparing him for life after college, Mr. Gold is hoping to return the favor by serving as a member of the Collins College of Professional Studies Advisory Council. “I’ve been very fortunate, and I want to give back to the University,” he said. “I want to help shape the future and prepare our University’s students for tomorrow.”