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Human Resources Policy Manual

The Human Resources Policy Manual is a comprehensive guide to University-wide employment-related policies that apply to St. John’s University administrators and staff.  It is intended for supervisor use. The policies give supervisors the ability to make decisions within a framework that promotes consistency and objectivity.  The University adheres to all applicable local, state, and federal laws. 

See below for Recent Policy Updates, or search the Alphabetical list or Table of Contents view. HR Policies that apply to Faculty are listed separately below.

These human resources policies are not intended to create either an implied nor expressed contract or guarantee of employment or contractual obligation between the University and its employees. The University reserves the right to interpret, change, modify, add, delete or not apply all or part of the policy manual at any time. The manual includes policy information covering areas such as employment, work environment, employee relations, benefits, time off, compensation and administrative operations. In addition to the policies contained in the Human Resources Policy Manual, the University issues and maintains policies in other areas that affect employment. Employees should consult with other appropriate offices for additional applicable policies. 

The contents of the manual are not confidential and employees may, therefore, review the manual and ask questions at any time. The manual is maintained and updated by Human Resources. To notify the office of any corrections needed or for policy updates or questions, please contact HR Services at 718-990-1502 on the Queens campus.

Human Resources also maintains the Employee Handbook for administrators and staff. This useful resource contains employment policy summaries, procedures, and other practical information relating to the University and your work-life. Student workers should refer to the Student Worker Resource Guide