Policy 119 - Employment Outside the University

Section: Employment
Policy Number: 119
Responsible Office: HR/HR Services
Effective Date: 4/1/01


All full-time administrators and staff are covered by this policy. This policy does not apply to secondary employment within the University. (For information on this, refer to Administrators Who Teach, policy #120.)


Secondary employment outside of St. John’s University is not strictly prohibited. However, employees who obtain additional work outside the University must understand that the University considers the full-time University position the primary employment. Employees who wish to obtain secondary employment at another educational institution must have the approval of their supervisor. Supervisors should contact the Office of Human Resources in cases where employment outside the University raises questions or concerns.

The University expects the full and complete commitment to employment here at the University from every employee. Whenever the failure to succeed in performing the functions and responsibilities of one’s job at the University is considered to be the result of employment elsewhere (i.e.: a divided commitment), the University will treat the matter as a disciplinary one. If the employee’s secondary employment raises an actual or potential conflict of interest or interferes with successful performance of the job at the University, the University may require the employee to resign from the secondary employment or face termination by the University.

The use of University resources (i.e.: facilities, equipment, supplies, technology, the University’s name, etc.) by employees for reasons other than those required by their University employment is strictly prohibited.

St. John's University, New York
Human Resources Policy Manual