Exterior shot of Peter J. Tobin College of Business with students walking down the stairs

Programs & Majors


  • AuD Doctor of Audiology
  • BABachelor of Arts
  • BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • BS Bachelor of Science
  • DPS Doctor of Professional Studies
  • EdD Doctor of Education
  • MA Master of Arts
  • MBA Master of Business Administration
  • MPS Master of Professional Studies
  • MS Master of Science
  • PHD Doctor of Philosophy
  • PSYD Doctor of Psychology



Accountants offer the knowledge and perspective to help businesses measure financial results, improve business processes, and comply with the Internal Revenue Code.

Accounting Information Systems

Actuarial Science

Actuaries are considered the financial architects of the insurance world. By using mathematics, statistics, and financial theory, actuaries determine the financial risks and consequences associated with accidents, sickness, death, and loss of property.



An independent and interdisciplinary career focused-major designed to provide a high-quality business education.

Business Administration

Combine classroom and experiential learning to develop knowledge, skills, and competencies that the market demands and to add value to your organization.

Business Analytics

Understand the role of evidence-based data in decision-making and how to transform data into a powerful and predictive strategic asset that will ultimately drive optimal results. You will learn how to use a data-driven approach to solve business challenges in the era of big data.


Computer Science

Gain an in-depth understanding of computer architecture, languages, and systems—areas vital for industry careers and research.

Cyber Security Systems

As our reliance on computers increases and technology grows more sophisticated, the need for cyber security experts becomes critical to protect users and keep personal information out of the hands of hackers and cyber criminals.



The continuing volatility of the world's economies has created a growing need by industries across-the-board for informed economic analyses to aid them in making sound business decisions.

Educational Leadership

Enhance your knowledge and skills in research and current trends in education to become administrative and policy leaders in the field of education and provide educational leaders with a combination of technical and managerial coursework needed for dealing with future challenges in education.

Enterprise Risk Management

Reinforces the need for risk to be managed at the strategic, financial, reputational and operational levels of the organization, with well-prepared managers who can guide and build an enterprise risk management process. The public expectation for executive responsibility for enterprise wide risks has risen and companies across multiple industries and countries are seeking graduates with the ability and necessary skills to identify, assess and manage risks.


Builds the critical business and entrepreneurial skills needed to develop, plan, launch, and sustain new innovative ventures.

Experiential Marketing


Financial Technology

Focus on the application of programming, business analytics, data science, strategy and risk in financial services and enhances their understanding of the rapidly evolving financial markets


Global Supply Chain


Healthcare Systems

Human Resources Management

Human-Centered Business Design


Information Systems

Internal and Information Technology Audit



Marketing of Services


Networking Systems

The Networking Systems major is designed to provide a comprehensive education leading to such initial careers as telecommunications analyst, systems analyst, network manager, and first-line supervisor and a solid preparation for further academic and professional study in networking, computer science, and decision sciences.


Organizational Management


Risk Management and Risk Analytics


Sports Leadership and Branding