Assessment and Accreditation

Assessment and Accreditation is responsible for guiding and supporting campus- wide assessment activities and fostering a culture of assessment aimed at improving student learning and institutional outcomes with respect to St. John’s University’s mission. As a unit, we support the University Assessment Committee (UAC) and provide necessary data reporting to assist in data-driven decision making. Our vision is a faculty-driven, student-centered assessment process that strives for institutional improvement in all facets of the University. 

We promote the measurement and assessment of student learning and programmatic outcomes to ensure student success and provide extensive support for accreditation activities across all academic units, including the Middle States Commission on Higher Education

We support and advance 

  • Programmatic Assessment 

  • Accreditation Processes 

  • Culture of Assessment

  • Assessment Education 

Assessment drives decision-making across our campuses to ensure the success of both academic programs and institutional units. It involves the systematic collection, review, and utilization of data to improve student learning and achievement. Assessment activities reinforce strategic planning and institutional health and viability. 

Accreditation is a critical component in establishing and improving the quality and rigor of the programs that serve St. John’s students. Accreditation activities include data collection, evidence documentation, artifact provisioning, and on-site preparation and resources. The office engages with faculty, administrators, and staff early in the accreditation and self-study process and supports them throughout, from preparation and submission to site visit and follow-up. 

Our Team

Anthony C. Marziliano ’13GEd, ’17CERT

Anthony C. Marziliano, '13MS.Ed., '17CERT serves as Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment and Accreditation in the Office of the Provost. Supporting the collection, management, and analysis of assessment data, Mr. Marziliano’s work is always geared toward ongoing, continuous, quality improvement and the establishment of assessment cycles University wide. He also leads accreditation support efforts across divisions and programs. 

Mr. Marziliano began his career at St. John’s University in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in 2009, overseeing the development of the University’s first Office of Assessment. For more than 10 years, he managed the College’s assessment workflow, assisting with College-wide professional program accreditation efforts and leading his office in publishing. His current responsibilities include ongoing coordination with institutional units as assessment and accreditation needs develop.  

Mr. Marziliano’s research includes higher education assessment, qualitative methods for improved student learning, goal achievement and outcomes, and quantitative statistical analysis of student learning. He regularly presents on assessment and accreditation at national assessment meetings and professional conferences and is an assessment instructor with Weave Academy

Mr. Marziliano has served as an adjunct instructor in St. John’s University’s First-Year Seminar since 2014. He earned a Master of Science degree in Adolescent Education and an Advanced Certificate in Instructional Leadership from St. John’s University. 

Karen E. Pennacchio ’19TCB, ’21MBA

As Assistant Director of Assessment, Karen E. Pennacchio ’19TCB, ’21MBA supports and drives University-wide assessment with the coordination of assessment activities, events, and training. She is responsible for the creation and deployment of assessment tools across the University, enhancing all levels of assessment. Working collaboratively with faculty and administrators, Ms. Pennacchio manages data associated with programmatic and institutional assessment and accreditation and assists with strategic planning priorities.

Prior to joining the Office of the Provost, Ms. Pennacchio was a student worker in the Office of the Registrar. In 2019, she became Department Assistant and her responsibilities expanded to include maintenance of student records, processing of graduation data, and assisting students, faculty, administrators, and staff with critical process and data requests. 

Ms. Pennacchio is a double alumna of St. John’s University, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting in 2019 and a Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management in 2021.