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The Payroll Office's primary function is to ensure that administrators, faculty, staff and student workers receive prompt accurate payment for services performed. The Office will provide employees with payroll-related services in a courteous and professional manner.  Employees  with questions regarding their paycheck should contact our office or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Payroll Department

The University Center, Suite C
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
Phone: 718-990-1865


Pay Schedules

W2 Tax Form Online Instructions

Download instructions (PDF).


For Employment Verifications, please click here

Web Time Sheet


  • See pay schedule on HR website.
  • Always click Save after entering hours, comments or making changes.
  • Submit time sheets on or before end of pay period (Saturday 11:59 p.m.).
  • Contact your supervisor if you need to make any changes after you have clicked the Submit button.
  • Remind your supervisor to approve your time sheet.
  • For help contact Payroll Office at 718-990-1865, press 1.

Begin Web Time Sheet

  • Logon to UIS and enter your ID and PIN.
  • Click the Employee tab.
  • Click the Time Sheet link.
  • Click the Access my Time Sheet button.
  • Click on the title and department button for your active job.
  • From the pay period drop down list, select the current pay period.
  • Click the time sheet button.

Entering Hours

  • Click on Enter Hours under the date worked and in the row for appropriate earning code.  Students can only enter Regular hours. 
  • Students will enter time in and out for the day.
  • Full-time Staff employees only enter total hours worked for the day.
  • Do not change the number in the shift box.
  • Click Save button.
  • Use copy button if you work the same hours and copy to one or more days.

Changing Hours
If you have not submitted your hours you can change hours anytime before the end of the pay period:

  • Click on the hours under the date you want to change.
  • Change the hours for the date
  • Click the Save button.

Entering Comments
You can enter comments on your time sheet to explain changes from your normal work schedule.  Your supervisor will see these comments and may also enter comments for you to view or for Payroll Staff.  Use the comments to explain hours owed or changes you are making from a previous pay period.

  • Click the Comments button on the Time Sheet page.
  • Enter your comments.
  • Click the Save button.

Submitting Time Sheet
The last step after you have entered all hours for the pay period is to submit your time sheet for approval. 

Failure to submit your time sheet will result in no hours and no pay for the pay period.

  • Click the Submit for Approval button
  • Enter your PIN on the Certification Statement page.  This is your last opportunity to go back and change any hours.
  • Click the Submit button.

Remember to close your web browser when you have completed your time sheet.

For additional assistance, please contact the Payroll Office at 718-990-1471.

Table of Contents

View complete Web Time Entry Guide (PDF)

View the Part-time Instructions (PDF).

View the Supervisor Instructions (PDF).

View the Troubleshooting Guide (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions

Web Time Sheet is here!  This new web-based time reporting and approval process will be introduced to all University departments.  Each department will receive hands-on training prior to implementation.  Payroll staff will be available to answer questions and assist with any problems.  The web time sheet is accessible by login into the University Information System (UIS).

How will  Supervisors or Approvers know when to approve time sheets?
Approvers will follow the current bi-weekly pay schedule.  Time sheets can be approved as soon as they have been submitted by the employee.  However, all time sheets must be approved on or before the end of the pay period (Saturday).  Since the time sheet is being entered directly on-line Approvers have more time to electronically forward time sheet to Payroll.   They can monitor attendance and view their department work hours on-line.

What if my Approver is on vacation?
All Approvers are required to set up a Proxy who is authorized to approve time in the absence of the Approver.  Approvers must notify their Proxy when they need to approve time.  If the Proxy is not available, Approver must contact Payroll to approve time or submit paper time-sheet.

What if my Approver resigns or I transfer departments?
Any change in Approver status should be communicated to the Payroll Office.  
Payroll can overwrite the Approval process or assign a new approver.

What if I have more than one supervisor?
If you have two supervisors, one supervisor will be designated as Primary Approver and the other supervisor as FYI (For Your Information only).  Records are routed to the FYI supervisor for viewing only.  No approval is required by the FYI, since the Primary Approver or Proxy will approve all time reported.  

What do the new time sheets look like?
The format of the web time sheet looks different, but contains all the earning codes and employee information needed.  Additional information not currently found on the paper time sheet is also included to allow for more accurate time keeping.

Will all earning codes be listed?
All of the common earn codes applicable to non-exempt employees will be listed on the time sheet.  If you need to report time for a code not listed, contact your Payroll Office. 

How many past time sheets can I view as an employee?
At this time, we are only providing access to 3 months of time sheets. If requested, Payroll will provide you with previous months or years time sheets.  There is no need to print or store paper time sheets.   

Am I required to enter hours each day?
Yes, it is strongly recommended that employees record all hours on a daily basis.  By doing so, you will build a habit of entering time and supervisors can review attendance records daily.

What if I need to make a change to the time sheet?
Employees can make changes until the time sheet is submitted to the Approver.  If you have already submitted your timesheet, your Approver can either make the change for you or send it back to you for correction.  If the Approver has already approved the incorrect timesheet, contact the Payroll Office.

What if I submit my time sheet to my Approver on Friday and then work on Saturday?
Communicate with your Approver.  If the Approver has not yet approved your time sheet, the Approver can make the change for you or send it back to you for correction.  If it is past the pay period and too late for payroll to adjust, you can include the hours on the next timesheet with a comment to explain additional hours. 

What if employee is out sick when time sheets are due?
Contact your Approver and the Payroll Office.  Time sheets can be approved by Payroll with authorization from the Approver.

What if an employee is gone an entire payroll period?
Either contact Payroll to move the time sheet to the Approver, or complete a paper time sheet when you return. 

Can I submit my time-sheet at the beginning of the pay period?
Yes, you may submit your time before the end of the pay period if you will be out of the office when time sheets are due.  Notify your supervisor if you are submitting your time in advance.

How do I train new employees?
Web Time Sheet is very simple to use and training can be done from any web enabled computer.  We encourage all departments to train new employees as part of their department procedure; however, if necessary you may contact the Payroll Office for training.

Contact Information

For additional information or training, please contact:

David Martinez
[email protected]

Rose Costales
[email protected]

Helpful Tips

  • Check the Pay Schedule located above
  • Enter hours worked every day
  • Submit your hours on or before the due date
  • Remind your Supervisor to approve your hours
  • Contact Payroll Office if you have any problems

Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

Human Resources department FAQs can be found on the Human Resources home page. Below are the FAQs related to Payroll and W-2 information.

What is the social security wage base ?
According to the Social Security Administration, the wage base limit changes each year as per the national average wage index. The tax rate for wages paid in the current year is set by statute at 6.2% for employees and employers, each. There is no limit on wages subject to Medicare tax (1.45%).  In addition, wages over $200,000 will be subject to an additional 0.9% Medicare tax.

Why are my earnings and benefits for 1997 not complete on UIS?
In July 1997, the University converted all our Payroll data from our then payroll service provider ADP to an in-house system. The data from ADP for calendar year 1997 was posted as one total. Therefore, only one amount will be shown for January to June of 1997.

How are my federal taxes calculated?
Federal taxes for most wages are determined by marital status and number of dependents. Payroll uses a tax table provided by the Internal Revenue Service to calculate wages. Employees can increase or reduce their federal tax by updating this information via our self-service option in UIS or MySJU.  Please note, severance and bonus wages are calculated based on a flat percentage rate.

How is Graduate tuition and tuition for non-dependents taxed?

Please see our FAQ on Taxable Tuition Benefits.

How can I get Direct Deposit of my paycheck?
Direct deposit is available to all employees. With direct deposit your paycheck is deposited into your bank account. This is the safest and fastest way to receive your payment. There is no cost and you can choose any bank. For more information on this free benefit, contact the Payroll office or sign-up via UIS by logging into

Who is responsible for maintaining my sick and vacation time balances?
Sick and vacation time is accrued differently, depending on your classification and length of service. (Refer to Policy Manual for specific accrual methods). It is the responsibility of both the employee and the department to maintain records of vacation and sick time balances for all eligible employees. The Payroll Office can verify time used and accrued time when the employee leaves the University.

When I terminate my employment, will I receive any sick and vacation time I have accrued?
You will be paid only for unused accrued vacation time.

What is the W-2?
Form W-2 is the Wage and Tax Statement issued by St. John’s University (employer) to all employees. The form reports all income and tax withheld for the calendar year (January 1 to December 31).

What other tax forms will I receive from St. John’s?
You may also receive from the Payroll Office a 1042-S tax form. This form is issued to foreign persons with income subject to withholding.

In addition, the Business Affairs Office distributes 1099-MISC for miscellaneous income and 1098-T form for tuition payments. For more information on these forms, please contact the Business Affairs Office at 718-990-2406.

How is the information on the W-2 used?
The University is required to submit W-2 information to the Social Security Administration and all taxes withheld to the IRS. The employee is responsible for filing with the IRS and State taxing authority his/her income tax. Four copies of the W-2 are issued to each employee.

Why do the year-to-date gross wages on my paycheck not match the Box 1 wages on my W-2?
The wages reported in box 1 include only taxable gross wages. You must add all pre-tax deduction such as medical, dental, flex plan, and 403(b) contributions. In addition, if you had any taxable life or tuition remission you must subtract these amounts to calculate your actual gross wages.

You are only responsible for reporting the amount in box 1 when filing your personal federal income tax.

How much tax did I actually pay?
The amount of federal income tax withheld from your calendar earnings is reported in box 2. Your state income tax withheld is reported in box 17. If you were a New York City resident for any part of the calendar year, your local income tax withheld is reported in box 19.

How is my tax calculated?
The amount of federal income tax withheld from every payroll check is based on what you elected as your filing status and the number of withholding exemptions you claim.  This information is taken from the completed W4 form typically submitted at the time of hire. The form can be updated at any time by completing a new W4. The new W4 form replaces a previous completed form and will remain in effect until another form is completed and submitted to the Payroll Department. Post dated forms are not accepted.
If your W2 form does not include an amount in box 2, you may review your filing status and the number of withholding allowances you are claiming and determine if changes are necessary.

When will I receive my W-2 form?
W-2 statements must be issued or mailed to employees on or before the 31st of January. Due to the large number of W-2s produced, we typically mail the forms over a 3 day period based on last name.  For faster access you can view and print your W2 via UIS. See below for UIS access instructions.

What is Advance EIC payment (box 9)?
Advance earned income credit allows eligible employees with a qualified dependent (child or children) with income under the maximum limit established by the Internal Revenue Service to receive a monetary amount with every scheduled payroll check versus applying for a tax credit once a year when filing his/her federal income tax return.

Eligible employees must complete a W5 - Earned Income Credit Form and submit it to Payroll Department. The W5 will remain valid throughout the calendar year that it is completed and must be renewed every year to continue participation.

The W5 form can be found in the Human Resources Office (University Center building on Queens campus) or the IRS website

What is code E in box 12?
Code E is the elective deferrals for your 403(b) salary reduction agreement.
Under IRS section 403(b), the IRS allows for certain employee paid deductions for the purpose of retirement to be excluded from federal taxable wages.

What is code C in box 12?
Code C is the taxable cost of group-term life insurance.  This cost is considered imputed income. If your employer paid life insurance is over the $50,000 limit, the amount over the limit is taxable and reported in boxes 1, 3 and 5.

What is imputed income?
IRS requires that certain items, provided by the employer, be reported as taxable compensation. Examples are taxable tuition benefits, certain types of moving expenses, and a portion of employer-paid group term life insurance.

Why does the amount in Box 1 (federal taxable wages) not match Box 3 (social security taxable wages) and/or Box 5 (Medicare taxable wages)? Why does Box 3 not match Box 5?
Each tax has a different calculation for taxable wages:

  • Box 1 = Total Compensation minus pre-tax deductions, 403(b) deductions and imputed income. (No maximum)
  • Box 3 = Total Compensation minus pre-tax deductions and imputed income. (see current social Security wage base)
  • Box 5 = Total Compensation minus pre-tax deductions and imputed income. (No maximum)

How do I report my dependent care (box 10) from my W-2?
Refer to IRS Form 2441, Child and Dependent Care Expenses, for instructions on how to report this information on your tax return. For additional information, contact your tax preparer or the IRS.

Can I view my W-2 online?
After January 15, you can view your W2 on-line using UIS. 

How do I access the University Information System (UIS)?
Log into,

  1. Click on the UIS icon
  2. Click on the Employee tab
  3. Make your selection from the menu

What do I do if my address is wrong on my W-2?
An incorrect address does not invalidate your W2 and does not require a corrected W2. 
However, you should notify the Payroll Office or update this information via our Employee Self-Service on UIS.  
All employees can update and view personal and pay information including current and past W2s on-line using the Employee tab on UIS.

    How do I request a reprint of my W-2 because I did not receive it in the mail, lost it, or accidentally destroyed it?
    If you are no longer employed,  call 718-990-1865 and select Payroll Office.  A Payroll Representative will assist you. Replacement forms will be reprinted and mailed to you or you may pick-up the form in the Payroll Office. W-2s will be reprinted on the 15th of each month.  Due to the sensitive nature of information found on the W-2 no form can be faxed or sent to a third party.

    When can I ask for a reprint of my W-2?
    Your request may be submitted at any time after February 15. We will begin processing reprint requests the third week of February.  Please note, for active employees W2s can be viewed and reprinted on-line via Employee Self-Service on MySJU.

    Who do I contact if I think my W-2 is wrong?
    Please call 718-990-1865 and select Payroll Office.  A Payroll Representative will assist you. 

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