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Division of Student Success

The mission of the Division is to promote student success through collaborative partnerships that support the educational mission of St. John's University.

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To accomplish this mission, members of the Division work with students, faculty, and other administrators to:

  • Focus on student learning and facilitate for individual growth and development.
  • Generate a sense of community through active promotion of the institution's core values.
  • Enhance the quality of campus life by providing a broad range of services, programs and events.
  • Serve as advocates for students, removing barriers and helping them to resolve conflicts.
  • Student Affairs is committed to providing students with programs that address new student transitions, personal growth, leadership development, and decision-making skills.

Office Location and Hours

Bent Hall, Garden Level
Tel: 718-990-5671
[email protected]

Monday to Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Student Resource: Dean of Students

The Dean of Students is responsible for promoting student success, well being, and personal development. They provide student advocacy and also serve as a resource for student concerns. The Dean of Students is available to assist students who may be in crisis.

Students seeking support and/or assistance may contact the Dean of Students, Jackie Lochrie, at 718-990-6568 or [email protected].

Resources are available at Sexual Assault: You Are Not Alone. If you would like to meet with someone from SOAR (Sexual violence Outreach, Awareness, and Response), please call our Campus Support Advisor at 718-990-8484.

You are not alone — you can get help today!

Call the Center for Counseling and Consultation at 718-990-6384 during office hours and identify the situation as urgent. The receptionist will connect you with a clinician who, after assessing the situation, will provide specific direction about what to do.

After hours, evenings, weekends, and holidays, please call 718-990-6352 for the After-Hours Helpline. The After-Hours Helpline counselor will be able to assist you with your concerns and provide a specific plan about what to do.

As a Catholic and Vincentian university deeply concerned about the health and wellness of our students, St. John’s cares about your basic needs. We recognize that too many of our students struggle with not having reliable access to nutritionally adequate food due to lack of financial resources.

Any current students struggling with food insecurity can visit Your Basic Needs for assistance and resources.

Student Success Leadership Team

Student Success empowers students to thrive outside the classroom so they can succeed in it. Under the leadership of Vice President for Student Success and Retention Strategy Sarah Jean Kelly, J.D., the Student Success Leadership Team (SSLT) works to develop a supportive and engaged campus environment and ensure an exceptional experience for our diverse student population.

Vice President for Student Success and Retention Strategy
Newman Hall
Tel. 718-990-8358

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Bent Hall, G002
Tel. 718-990-6525

Associate Dean Student Affairs and Interim Vice Provost for Staten Island
Campus Center, B9
Tel. 718-390-4345

Assistant Vice President for Career Services
Chiang Ching-Kuo Hall, Room 121
Tel. 718-990-6521

Director of Finance and Business Operations
Bent Hall, G012
Tel. 718-990-1531

Dean of Students
Bent Hall, G023
Tel. 718-990-6568

Assistant Vice President for Student Wellness
Bent Hall, G027
Tel. 718-990-6911

Executive Director of the Center for Student Success
St. Augustine Hall
Tel. 718-990-6376

Director of Parent and Family Relations
Bent Hall, G021
Tel. 718-990-5783

Associate Dean Student Success and Engagement
D'Angelo Center, Room 213A
Tel. 718-990-5530

Director of Student Communications and Web Content
Bent Hall, G025
Tel. 718-990-2169

Student Communications

Student Communications works to educate and inform students on the programs, events, and opportunities that significantly impact their experiences at St. John's. We promote student success through collaborative partnerships that support the educational mission of the University. To support these strategic goals, we:

  • Support student learning, growth, and development
  • Encourage engagement and a sense community for all students
  • Enhance the quality of student life through services, programs, and events
  • Promote the University’s mission and core values

Contact Information

Scott Wallick
Director of Student Communications and Web Content
Bent Hall, Garden Level G025
[email protected]

Any member of the University community may submit a request for a student communication via the St. John's Now request form. Requests must be received 10 business days in advance of the target distribution date.

To best meet your communication goals while recognizing the feedback we receive from students, we avoid the “cafeteria” approach. Instead, we choose to understand your needs to help you meet your goals with the tools and techniques we have developed and continue to improve.

Currently we communicate with students via these platforms:

For assistance with the electronic campus signs (e-boards), please contact Marketing and Communications.

* We are only able to add events for the Division of Student Affairs and student groups and organizations. Other members of the University community may contact their Marketing and Communications liaisons for assistance adding their events to the calendar.

Every request is reviewed to ensure the communication is appropriate, adheres to these guidelines, and is complete and meets quality standards. Requests must be received 10 business days in advance of the target distribution date.


For a communication to be distributed to a broad selection of students, it must:

  • Be critical and germane to the University’s mission and values;
  • Be essential to a University office with official approval and endorsement of that office;
  • Support an issue of student health or safety;
  • Provide information for a mandatory student responsibility or event; or
  • Promote a significant opportunity, promotion, or special event.

Best Practices

  • Be brief.
  • Clearly state your goal, i.e., what you want students to do.
  • Make your message actionable; give the reader something to act on or click.
  • Data shows effective subject lines are very short. Aim for two to three words.
  • Avoid using formatting for emphasis (e.g., bold, color, large fonts); instead, rewrite.
  • If an event requires registration or RSVP, use a form.
  • Try to use the second-person grammatical voice, e.g., “you should” and not “students should”.
  • Specify a contact point by phone and e-mail.

We oversee mass e-mail sent to students to ensure that communications are consistent, accurate, and coordinated. All unsolicited mass e-mail to students must be approved in advance by the director of student communications.

Typically, we only send e-mail to students for significant announcements regarding registration, important deadlines, and other need-to-know information. Such e-mail should be compelling, brief, and to the point.

Routine information about campus events, activities, programs, etc., may be promoted via other communication channels Our office is responsible for maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of e-mail as a platform of communication with students.

Surveys and Research

If your request includes a survey as part of research, Institutional Research approval is required. For information on this process, IR Tools and Resources.

If a random sample of students is required as part of the project, a list may be provided to us by Institutional Research if requested.

Social media is the most effective means of communicating with a large, nontargeted student population; posts are shared via our official Division of Student Success social media accounts to reach an active and engaged audience on their preferred platforms. Our content adheres to the Social Media Community Guidelines.

Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships

The Division of Student Success offers exciting Doctoral Fellowships and Graduate Assistant opportunities for highly qualified, ambitious, and motivated graduate students in many of the departments throughout the Division.

Graduate Assistantships offer tuition remission and a stipend as part of the compensation package depending on the position. Please note that there are a limited number of positions available with the Division of Student Success.

Any available positions will be posted to the Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships page (please see the bottom of the page under "Division of Student Success"). Please review this page for information on the required academic criteria and required forms.

If you have any questions about your application, please contact [email protected].