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Professional licensure and certification requirements often vary from state to state. St. John’s University has not determined requirements for individual states beyond New York. If you reside or plan to reside outside New York, you are strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate state licensing agency in that state to seek information and guidance before beginning the program.

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  • The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
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No matter which career path you choose, there is every certainty that it entails a business component. A business degree—which includes areas such as accounting, actuary science, business analytics, economics, finance, risk management, and more—gives you the skills, knowledge, and abilities that employers want. Those qualities translate across innumerable roles and fields.

Why St. John's

At St. John’s, our students quickly become fluent in the business of doing business. Explore The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, the Thomas J. Cox, Jr. Honors Program, our Executive in Residence Program, our majors, and our global opportunities. Tobin’s distinction is reflected in the success of our graduates, many of whom live and work in the New York metropolitan area, providing valuable connections for internships and careers.

Accounting Information Systems

Actuarial Science

Business Administration

Educational Leadership

Enterprise Risk Management

Financial Technology

Health Care Systems

Human-Centered Business Design

Information Systems

Internal and Information Technology Audit

International Business

Marketing Analytics

Risk and Financial Advisory

Risk Management and Risk Analytics


Communications, Marketing & Media

Few fields are as far reaching as communications, marketing, and media. From traditional formats like print, television, and radio, to their digital counterparts such as podcasts, blogs, and social media channels, the career paths available to communication and media majors are vast.
Those who are interested in marketing will find that this field uses every available media format and communications platform to convey strategically and creatively crafted messages. Though the choices are wide, they are all built on a bedrock of a solid education.

Why St. John's

At St. John’s, you study under true visionaries in these fields—an impressive faculty with years of experience at the leading edge of communication, marketing, and media. Plus, you learn in New York City—the media and advertising/marketing capital of the world—with access to internships and experiential learning opportunities.

Experiential Marketing

Marketing Intelligence

Marketing of Services

Computing & Technology

Technology continues to shape and mold society, to the extent that it touches virtually every aspect of daily life. The world is ripe with opportunity for those who embrace the power of technology, and the range of careers that use new and emerging technology continues to grow.

Why St. John's

At St. John’s, technology is everywhere. Walk through The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies and you discover our Homeland Security Lab and our Cyber Security Lab, where tomorrow’s security experts learn from faculty with decades of experience with local and national law enforcement.

Cyber Security Systems

Information Technology

Networking Systems

Law, Policy & Government

Learn the theory and practice of policy and politics, the analysis of political systems and behavior, and domestic and international law and legal systems, as you prepare for a wide range of public and private sector careers.

Why St. John's

Whether your goal is to work at the local, state, or federal government level, in public policy or nonprofit work, or you plan to attend law school, St. John’s provides you with the tools necessary to excel in any field.



Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Success in today’s economy takes more than just desire—it takes determination, creativity, and tenacity. Effective leaders discover new and novel ways to grow their business in an effort to outperform the competition. Those who enter the business world with an agile and entrepreneurial mindset often find the most success and flourish through adaptation and reinvention.

Why St. John's

St. John’s is your conduit to a career in any number of fields, with an education that is entrepreneurial, experiential, and global. Through a rigorous curriculum coupled with unparalleled opportunities for experiential learning and internships, our graduates are forward-thinking, innovative, and poised to tackle challenges associated with the global economy.


Global Management and Entrepreneurship

Global Supply Chain

Human Resources Management

International Management

Organizational Management

Science & Mathematics

Science and Mathematics represent half of the disciplines in STEM (i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and STEM-related fields are among the fastest-growing in the United States—and the world. As a result, those who pursue degrees in science and math work in an incredibly vast range of fields.

Why St. John's

At St. John’s, you gain a solid foundation in the knowledge and skills that underlie these areas as you learn from internationally known faculty and outstanding academic resources. The University’s close proximity to New York City equates to incredible access to some of the world’s leading businesses and organizations for internships, networking with alumni, and career opportunities.

Mathematical Physics


Sport, Hospitality & Fashion

At first glance, the worlds of sports, fashion, and hospitality may seem unrelated, but a closer examination finds that each area offers countless career opportunities—not just on the field of play, the runway, or in the penthouse suite—but behind the scenes, as well.

Why St. John's

St. John’s is in New York City, home to 10 major league sports franchises, as well as the headquarters of Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Hockey League, and the United States Tennis Association. Our Sport Management majors learn from dedicated and experienced faculty and immerse themselves in the business of sports through internships, guest speakers, and alumni in the field.

For St. John’s students interested in making connections in the world of fashion, there are few cities that compare to New York, which, along with London, England; Milan, Italy; and Paris, France, make up fashion’s “Big 4.” Our faculty work closely with students to ensure that they enter this trillion-dollar industry with the skills and business sense they need to make an impact.

New York City is also a global destination for tourists, business leaders, government officials, and others—making it a remarkable place to learn about the worlds of hospitality, food and beverage, tourism, and event management.

Sport Management

Sports Leadership and Branding