Policy 628 - Qualified Transportation Expenses

Section: Benefits
Policy Number: 628
Responsible Office: HR/Benefits
Effective Date: 1/1/04


Full-time staff, administrators and faculty are eligible.


The Qualified Transportation Expense (QTE) Plan allows eligible employees to pay for their mass transit workplace commute by setting aside pre-tax dollars from their paycheck into a separate QTE account. The benefit of paying for qualifying expenses with pre-tax dollars is that it reduces an employee’s taxable income.

Employees who participate in the QTE Plan elect the monthly amount that they wish to set aside for Qualified Mass Transit Expenses, up to the current plan maximum. When a qualifying expense is incurred, an employee may request reimbursement for the expense from his or her QTE account.

Qualified Mass Transit Expenses include expenses incurred for traveling in a commuter highway vehicle (i.e. van pool) and on mass transit vehicles (i.e., bus, train, subway or ferry) between the eligible employee’s residence and place of employment. Employees have the ability to stop and resume deductions under the QTE Plan at any time, and the excess balance in a QTE account carries over from month to month.

How to Enroll

Interested employees can enroll by contacting the St. John’s University Benefits Department at (718) 990-2363.


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