Policy 611 - University Health and Professional Services

Section: Benefits
Policy Number: 611
Responsible Office: Psychological Services; Speech and Hearing Center
Revised: 9/10/02; 1/10/05; 7/1/07; 1/5/11

Center for Psychological Services

The University Center for Psychological Services provides psychological diagnostic and treatment services at low fees, using a sliding scale based on family income. It provides consultation and treatment to adults, adolescents and children from the community, as well as to families and couples. Group therapy is also offered. Specialized free services available at the Center include the Military Services Initiative, which provides mental health treatment for servicemen and women and their families, and the PARTNERS Program, which offers empirically-supported treatment for abused children.

The Center is located in the Seton Complex at 152-11 Union Turnpike in Flushing (extension 1900 or 718-990-1900). For additional information about services and training offered by the Center, visit its homepage on the St. John’s University website or email the Center at [email protected].

Speech and Hearing Center

The University’s Speech and Hearing Center offers both diagnostic and treatment services to individuals with communication disorders. A complete audiological assessment is available, including pure tone, electrophysiologic measures. Services are provided to University employees, their spouses and pre-college age children at a discounted rate.

The Center is located in the Seton Complex at 152-11 Union Turnpike in Flushing (extension 6480 or 718-990-6480). For more information on services available, visit the Speech and Hearing Center’s homepage on the St. John’s University website.

Other Services

Health care professionals in Student Health Services can evaluate, treat and refer students who have health concerns on both the Queens and Staten Island campuses. Employees who experience an illness or injury should contact their primary physician and use normal health insurance channels. For questions about their health insurance coverage, employees should contact the Benefits Office on the Queens campus at extension 6587.

The University’s Center for Counseling and Consultation helps students who may be experiencing personal or emotional difficulties that interfere with their ability to perform well. Services for employees and their family members are available from the University’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Through the EAP, employees and their family members have free, confidential access to information, evaluation, crisis response, short-term counseling and referral services for a wide range of work-life, emotional and health and wellness matters.

See policy #610 for EAP benefit and contact information.

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