Policy 601 - Medical and Dental Insurance

Section: Benefits
Policy Number: 601
Responsible Office: HR/Benefits
Effective Date: 1/1/98
Clarified: 6/30/02
Revised: 5/1/05


All full-time administrators and staff (normally working at least 30 hours per week, and on the regular payroll of the University) are eligible to participate in the University’s medical and dental plans.


Medical and dental coverage is available to eligible employees of the University and their dependents. If coverage is elected within the first 31 days of employment, insurance becomes effective on the first day of the month following employment. If hired on the first day of a month, coverage would begin your first day. Employees who do not enroll during the first 31 days of employment must wait until the open enrollment period (usually December of each year), with coverage taking effect on January 1. Changes in coverage are allowed only during the open enrollment period, unless a “qualifying event” has occurred (see below), or unless otherwise required by law.

For information, associated costs, or summary plan descriptions for the medical and dental insurance plans, contact the Employee Benefits Office on the hotline at extension 2363. If anything stated in this policy differs from the information contained in the plan documents, then the plan documents supersede this policy.

Qualifying Events Affecting Benefit Status

Employees should notify the Benefits Office within 31 days of a “qualifying event” that may affect their benefit status or that of a spouse or dependent. Examples of qualifying events include a change in marital status, birth or adoption of a child, retirement, employment termination, divorce, and death of employee, spouse or dependent. Proof of the qualifying event may be required.

If an employee wishes to change or add coverage to a plan without the existence of a qualifying event, he or she must generally wait until the annual open enrollment period (usually in December).

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