Policy 306 - Time Records

Section: Compensation
Policy Number: 306
Responsible Office: HR/Payroll
Effective Date: 4/1/01
Clarified: 4/20/12
Revised: 4/9/08; 3/25/09; 11/15/11; 4/1/15


Non-exempt employees (generally, staff employees paid hourly), part-time administrators and student workers are covered by this policy.


Non-exempt employees, part-time administrators and student workers are required to complete timesheets electronically via UIS each pay period showing the exact number of hours worked (excluding lunch) and any leave taken. Timesheets are completed and submitted by the employee and approved by the employee’s supervisor. Some departments will file time sheets electronically on behalf of the employee. Employees should check with their supervisor for specific department procedures.
Falsification of a timesheet is grounds for immediate termination of employment.


Employees and supervisors must follow the procedures indicated below when completing timesheets for their departments:

  1. Time should be rounded up to the nearest quarter hour (15 minutes). Time taken as paid or unpaid time off or leave (e.g., vacation, sick, personal, jury duty, etc.) must be clearly indicated on the timesheet. The appropriate hours should be entered under the correct earning code. If using unpaid time, enter 0 under earn code on timesheet. The online timesheet will calculate all hours; please review and click submit.
  2. In the unusual event that an employee works through an otherwise unpaid meal period, that time must be recorded as time worked and compensated at the appropriate rate.
  3. Part-time administrator default hours for the semi-monthly pay period will be 40 hours. Non-exempt and student workers will be paid bi-weekly based on hours submitted.
  4. The employee and supervisor must review and approve the timesheet. Employees are not permitted to complete or make entries on a timesheet on behalf of another employee.
  5. Leaves of absence and terminations must be submitted to Human Resources on a Personnel Change Form. A Personnel Change Form is not needed for student workers. To terminate a student worker, email the Payroll Office with the reason for termination and final work day.
  6. Timesheets must be submitted electronically on or before the end of the pay period. Employees will submit electronic timesheets to supervisors, who will approve them and submit them electronically to Payroll via UIS. If timesheets are due sooner because of a special holiday, Payroll will notify supervisors.
  7. Retention Schedule: Law requires that any departmental paper timesheet or time card be kept for six (6) years from the time record’s month end. After this time, records should be disposed of according to the University’s policy on Records Storage and Disposition, #1029. Electronic timesheets submitted via web will be retained by the Payroll Office.

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