Policy 302 - Job Evaluation

Section: Compensation
Policy Number: 302
Responsible Office: HR/Compensation
Effective Date: 4/1/01
Revised: 11/1/11


This policy applies to full-time administrators and staff, and part-time administrators.


Jobs are analyzed to determine an appropriate salary structure that corresponds to a grade level. Job factors and requirements such as knowledge of the area, problem-solving ability, management depth, organizational breadth, accountability, technical skills, education, training and experience are reviewed during this analysis. When the analysis is complete, the job is assigned to the appropriate salary range, which corresponds to a grade level. Each salary range consists of a minimum, midpoint and maximum salary value. The salary ranges are designed to ensure that the University’s compensation program remains competitive, within available resources, and based on selected local, regional and national salary survey data. Periodically, these ranges are reviewed and may be adjusted to reflect movement in relevant external markets.

Job evaluation determines the grade level for a particular position. In addition to job evaluation, an employee’s pay is influenced by external labor markets, comparisons with other internal positions, employee performance, and the availability of the University’s financial resources. Starting salaries for new employees and employees receiving a promotion are determined by the hiring manager, using the hiring salary range as a guideline, analyzing the candidate’s qualifications, related job experience and salary history. Starting salaries are influenced by comparisons with other internal positions and the desire to offer externally competitive salaries contingent upon available funding. Any salary offers being considered which are not within the hiring salary range must be reviewed and approved by the Compensation Unit in the Office of Human Resources. In addition, the Compensation Unit must review all promotions to ensure promotional salary is within the approved salary range. (For the University’s policy on Employee Promotions and required approvals, refer to policy #123, located in the Employment section.)

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Human Resources Policy Manual