Policy 920 - Asset Management Policy

Section: Information Technology
Policy Number: 920
Responsible Office: Information Technology
Effective Date: 5/1/19
Revised: 5/1/19

Policy Statement

Adherence to this policy ensures that all known systems, software, hardware, and information assets are protected according to their value and sensitivity to the University. 

Scope and Applicability

This policy only applies to St. John's University Information Technology (IT) department. Therefore, all University information systems may not be covered by this policy. Adherence to this policy helps safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the University’s information assets, and protects the interest of the University, its customers, personnel and business partners.


University computing resources are formally acknowledged, and ownership is assigned to maintain accountability to ensure a formal accounting of all known systems, software, hardware, and information assets and facilitate the protection of these assets according to their value and sensitivity to the University. The confidentiality, integrity and availability of the University’s physical and electronic information assets are safeguarded according to defined classifications. 

St. John’s has an inventory of and manages all hardware and software systems:

  • Hardware Assets: actively manages hardware systems, workstations and devices on its network. Only authorized devices are given access, and unauthorized and unmanaged devices are found and prevented from acquiring access to St. John’s network. 
  • Software Assets: actively manages software systems on the University’s network to that only authorized software is installed/executed and unmanaged software is found and prevented from installation and execution.


The following are the definitions relevant to the policy:

  • Computing Resources: All University information processing resources including all University owned, licensed, or managed computing services, hardware, software, and use of the University network via physical or wireless connection regardless of the ownership of the computer or device connected to the network.
  • Institutional Data: All data owned or licensed by the University
  • University Community: Includes faculty, administrators, staff, student workers, graduate/technical assistants, alumni, interns, guests or agents of the administration, external individuals and organizations accessing University network services, and other authorized users.


The University reserves the right to audit networks and systems on a periodic basis to ensure compliance with this policy. Instances of non-compliance must be presented to and reviewed and approved by the CIO, the Director of Information Security, or the equivalent officer(s).

All breaches of information security, actual or suspected, must be reported to, and investigated by the CIO and the Director of Information Security. 

Those who violate security policies, standards, or security procedures are subject to disciplinary action up to and including loss of computer access and appropriate disciplinary actions as determined by the University.

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