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Dr. Lam is an Associate Clinical Professor and a clinical pharmacist with board certification in Pharmacotherapy and Geriatric Pharmacy. Besides teaching didactic courses for Doctor of Pharmacy program, she trains pharmacy residents and PharmD candidates to optimize therapy outcome at Winthrop University Hospital, Mineola, NY. She works with physicians to resolve complicated drug therapy issues among older adults. She provides medication therapy management and offer educational sessions on drug related topics to promote health in the community. Dr. Lam has a deep interest in engaging the public via community outreach programs. She is the recipient of St. John's University Academic Service Learning Mini Grants which involve students in some form of required community service that promotes public good and uses service as a means of understanding course concepts. Prior to joining St. John’s University, she served as a Clinical Instructor at University of North Carolina School of Pharmacy, Chapel Hill, NC. Dr. Lam has contributed to multiple therapeutic textbooks including Pharmacotherapy: a Pathophysiologic Approach, Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice & Fundamentals of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy. She is also a regular contributor to PubMed indexed journals, including Cardiology in Review. In addition, she serves as a peer reviewer/consultant for professional journals and organizations.

Research Interests

Identifying, resolving and preventing drug-related problems among the elderly by collaborating with other healthcare professionals. Appropriate drug use, medication adherence and community outreach programs to minorities, under-served and elderly

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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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