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Academic Calendar

Fall 2017

Aug 30(W)First Day of Classes
Sept 2(S)No Saturday Classes
Sept 4(M)Labor Day – University Closed – No Classes
Sept 6(W)Monday Classes Meet
Sept 6(W)Last Day to Add/Drop Classes
Sept 19(T)Last Day to Drop a Class (without a transcript notation)
Sept 20(W)Withdrawal Period Begins
Oct 9(M)Columbus Day – University Closed – No Classes
Oct 17(T)Mid-Term Grades Due
Nov 1(W)All Saints' Day – University Closed – No Classes
Nov 7(T)Last Day to Withdraw from a Class or Apply for Pass/Fail Option
Nov 21(T)Wednesday Classes Meet
Nov 22(W)No Classes
Nov 23-25(R-S)Thanksgiving Recess – University Closed – No Classes
Dec 6(W)Last Day of Weekday Classes
Dec 7(R)Snow/Study Day – No Classes
Dec 8(F)Feast of the Immaculate Conception – University Closed – No Classes
Dec 9(S)Last day of Saturday Classes
Dec 11-16(M-S)Final Exam Week

Spring 2018

Jan 15(M)Martin Luther King, Jr. Day– University Closed
Jan 17(W)First Day of Classes
Jan 23(T)Last Day to Add/Drop Classes
Feb 6(T)Last Day to Drop a Class (without a transcript notation)
Feb 7(W)Withdrawal Period Begins
Feb 19(M)Presidents’ Day – University Closed – No Classes
Feb 20-26(T-M)Spring Break – No Classes
Feb 28(W)Monday Classes Meet
Mar 10(S)Midterm Grades Due
Mar 29-Apr 2(R-M) Easter Recess – University Closed – No Classes
Apr 4(W)Last Day to Withdraw from a Class or Apply for Pass/Fail option
Apr 30(M)Last Day of Classes
May 1(T)Study/Snow Day
May 2(W)Study/Snow Day
May 3-9(R-W)Final Exam Week

Note: This calendar applies to the Queens, Staten Island, Oakdale, and Manhattan campuses. The Law School and the Rome campus have their own calendars.

M = Monday
T = Tuesday
W = Wednesday
R = Thursday
F = Friday
S = Saturday
U = Sunday