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St. John's University Exchange Programs

Your destination for cultural immersion and language acquisition!

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Exchange programs offer global study for motivated students who prefer a personalized program. If you are interested in mastering a second language or immersing yourself in a new academic culture, a semester-long exchange program is for you! 

St. John’s University is proud to partner with some of the most prestigious institutions in the world that offer access to academically rigorous courses, research opportunities, and distinguished faculty. Explore your major through a different cultural lens while staying on track toward graduation and gaining a global edge in your profession. 

“Studying abroad is way too expensive; I don’t think I can afford it.” 

You continue to pay your home school tuition and your financial aid package is unchanged. Keep in mind, though, that the cost of living varies based on location and the type of accommodation you choose (i.e., apartment, homestay, or dormitory). Travel and visa application fees also vary.

“Is this the right study abroad option for me?”

Before you decide, understand that exchange programs are ideal for students who exhibit personal responsibility and independence. Managing the study abroad experience, achieving your goals, and developing new relationships require self-driven effort.