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The Office of the Registrar announces the exact dates for registration in advance of each registration period. Continuing students register in October/November for the spring semester, and in March/April for the summer and/or fall semesters. Students are expected to see their advisor before registering.

All students should bring a student advisement report to their advising appointments. Advisors will provide their advisees with Priority Registration Numbers, which are needed to register. Once they have their Priority Registration Numbers, students may select and register for classes online through UIS. For details on how to register, please view our Web Registration Instruction Worksheet.

E-Bills are sent to students after each registration period. Financial services representatives are available year-round to assist students in satisfying their financial obligation to the University. Registration is not complete until payment is made, and the University reserves the right to drop a student from an individual class or from his or her entire program if payment is not made by the due date. For more information, please refer to Student Financial Service's website.

Registration and Liability

What Students and Parents Need to Know About Registration and Liability
With the exception of first-semester freshmen and certain students in "block" programs of study, students at St. John’s University select their own classes via MySJU and St. John's UIS. Once you register for a course, St. John’s considers your registration as a clear indication of your intention to attend that class.

Complete Your Registration
Students must pay their tuition and fees in full before registration can be completed. Students can access their eBills via UIS. For information on payment options, please visit our Payment Options page, or contact the Office of Student Financial Services. Students having no payment due or a refund due, must complete their registration process by confirming registration for the semester via UIS by going to the “View/Confirm Term Bill” section.

Whether you complete your registration or we complete it for you, you are fully liable for your registration both academically and financially. This means that you must notify us officially if you will not attend St. John’s after your registration has been completed regardless of the reason for not attending.

To learn how to notify us officially that you will not attend classes for which you have registered, please review the Withdrawing from Class section below..

Visit the School of Law Registrar's website for additional information on its registration policies and procedures.

Withdrawing From Class

How To Notify Us Officially That You Will Not Attend Classes
When you register for a class, St. John’s University considers your registration to be a clear indication of your intention to attend that class. If you change your mind about attending class or if circumstances prevent you from attending, you must notify us officially of your change in status. The manner in which you do so depends when during the semester you make your decision.  

Dropping A Class/Adding a Class
You may drop or add a class via UIS through the first week of the semester. When dropping classes through UIS, please note the following: 

  • You may drop classes via the UIS as long as you are not dropping all your classes.
  • UIS will NOT allow you to drop your last class.  If you have only one class, UIS will not allow you to drop it.   
  • If you want to drop all your classes, you must inform your dean of this in writing.

Dean's Permission
During the second and third weeks of the semester, you may still drop a class, but you need permission from your Dean’s Office. Bring this permission to the Office of the Registrar and we will drop the class for you. Classes dropped through the first three weeks of the semester do not appear on your transcript. 

Withdrawing From A Class
After the last day of the third week of the semester, if you would like to drop a class, it will be noted as a withdrawal (WD) on yoru transcript. This mark does not calculated into your GPA. Please consult the academic calendar for the last day to withdraw from a class.

To withdraw from one or more of your classes, you must contact your Dean’s Office. You should visit the office in-person so that someone can discuss this decision with you. If you cannot visit the office, you must put your request in writing. 

There is no guarantee that a request for withdrawal after the date indicated in the academic calendar will be approved. If a request after the deadline is not approved, you will receive a grade in the course.


  • Dropping or withdrawing from a class is an academic action initiated by students. If you do not drop a class during the first three weeks of the semester it will remain on your transcript whether or not you attended the class, even if you are subsequently allowed to withdraw from the class.
  • You may be entitled to a full or partial refund of tuition paid for a class. Refunds are based on the official date on which you drop or withdraw whether via UIS or through the office of your dean.
  • Your dean may not indicate as the date of drop or withdrawal a date prior to your official written request.

Additional Resources
You can find additional information on refunds from the Office of the Bursar.

Visit the School of Law Registrar for additional information on its registration policies and procedures. 

View the Rome Campus Academic Calendar.