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Employee Handbook

This Employee Handbook will guide you through employment at St. John’s by providing practical and necessary information about your employment and the University. It should help to link you to the broader organization by sharing policies, procedures, practices and services that relate to your role as an employee.

This online Employee Handbook replaces all previous handbooks.  Policies and information within the Handbook are subject to change, and from time to time you may receive a notice of those changes and those changes will govern. Employee rights and responsibilities are always governed by existing law and nothing in the Handbook provides legal rights in addition to those rights provided by law. In the event that there is a discrepancy between a policy in the Handbook and the Human Resources Policy Manual, the Policy Manual shall prevail.

The contents of this Employee Handbook are not intended to create, and do not create, either an implied nor expressed contract or guarantee of employment or contractual obligation between the University the its employees. For our Employment at Will statement, see the handbook section entitled About Your Employment.