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Dining Services

What To Eat On Campus

St. John’s Dining provides a wide variety of sit-down, community-style, and fast-casual dining options for students, faculty, staff, and guests, including a number of national brands. Please see below for some important information relating to dining on campus.

For complete information, including all dining locations, hours of operation, menus and nutrition, catering services, concessions, events, and meal memberships, please visit the Dine On Campus website at www.dineoncampus.com/stjohns, in partnership with Chartwells Higher Education.

Learn More About Dining Services

Are meal memberships available for commuter and graduate students?

Yes. Commuter students can sign up for either a Block Meal membership or a Dining Dollar Meal membership by visiting St. John's Central and clicking on the UIS tab. You can also add money to your card with a minimum purchase of $25, which will allow you to take advantage of tax-free dining purchases. Receive a 10% bonus when you purchase at least $100 in Dining Dollars. Additionally, with a Dining Dollar Meal membership, the $250 plan comes with 5 FREE Meal Exchanges, and the $500 plan comes with 10 FREE Meal Exchanges. A Block Meal membership allows you to purchase 25, 50 or 75 Meal Swipes (which can also be used as Meal Exchanges). The larger the Block Meal membership you purchase, the more you save per Meal Swipe.

What are the benefits of being on a meal membership?

Purchases made with a meal membership are sales-tax-free, which means you save almost 10% on every dining purchase on campus. Plus, you have the added convenience of cashless purchasing. Additionally, meal memberships come with free perks like Bonus Dollars and Meal Exchanges.

What is the difference between Meal Swipes, Flex Dollars, Dining Dollars, and Bonus Dollars?

Meal Swipes come with resident meal memberships and are used to enter Montgoris Dining Hall, an all-you-care-to-eat dining location.

Dining Dollars come with resident meal plans and are declining balance dollars that can be used like a debit card in on-campus retail dining locations. Dining Dollars can also be added to your StormCard throughout the semester. The balance is subtracted from your account based on what you purchase. This money is tax-free, expires on May 31st, and is non-refundable. 

Flex Dollars are for faculty/staff, visitors, and students and can be used in dining locations, the bookstore, or on postage and other on-campus items. The money is taxable, refundable, and does not expire. Flex Dollars do not receive a 10% bonus on purchases of $100 or more.

Bonus Dollars are free funds that you receive when adding $100 or more in Dining Dollars with one purchase. These can be used once your dining dollars run out.

Premium Swipes are Meal Swipes that come with resident meal memberships and can be used as guest meals at Montgoris Dining Hall, as a premium upgrade meal at Montgoris Dining Hall, or as a meal exchange during non-meal exchange hours at locations that accept meal exchanges.

What is a Meal Exchange?

Meal Exchanges are Meal Swipes that can be used in an alternate participating dining location (other than Montgoris Dining Hall) for a pre-set menu option during a set meal exchange time. Choose one item from each column on the posted meal exchange menu to complete your meal. You are only permitted one meal exchange per meal period. If you have already used a Meal Swipe at Montgoris Dining Hall during a given period, your meal exchange will not be available. Please see below for accepted meal exchange periods:

  • 7 Days a Week at Market Montgoris from 12 PM to 10 PM
  • Monday - Friday at Marillac Food Court from 11 AM to 7 PM
  • Saturdays & Sundays from Open to Close at Dunkin' in Marillac Food Court

You are permitted to use one meal exchange per meal period, totaling two meal exchanges per day. The meal periods are defined as:

  • Breakfast: 7 AM - 10:59AM
  • Lunch: 11 AM - 4:59PM
  • Dinner: 5 PM - 10 PM

* If you use a meal swipe in Montgoris Dining Hall, you cannot use a meal exchange in the same meal period.

Where are my remaining meal plan points at the start of the semester?

Each semester, your card has $50 in Dining Dollars added to start you off.  After 2 weeks, your remaining points are added to your account.

What if I have special dietary needs or allergies?

We have a dedicated registered dietitian on campus who can assist you with your needs. Please email Lauren Ciuffo, R.D. at [email protected] or call Student Health Services at (718) 990-6360.

How do I submit feedback or suggestions about the dining locations on campus?

You can email us any time at [email protected] or connect with us through the "Meet the Managers" board at each dining location. Additionally, in Montgoris Dining Hall, Law School Café, and Marillac Food Court, we have comment centers where you can fill out a comment card.

Can any student on any meal membership add Dining Dollars to their StormCard that can be used in any dining location on campus?

Yes! To add money to your card, visit the StudentLink portal located within St. John’s Connect or the St. John’s Mobile app. All Dining Dollars or Meal Membership purchases made with the Storm Card are sales-tax-free!

When can I make changes to my meal membership?

Changes can only be made during the first two weeks of the semester. Contact the Office of Residence Life with any questions at (718) 990-2417, or stop by Donovan Hall room C-16.

Office of Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services

Scott Lemperle

Scott Lemperle
Conference & Auxiliary Services
St. John's University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
[email protected]

Campus Dining Services

Katherine Rosa headshot

Katherine Rosa
Resident District Manager
Campus Dining at St John’s University
[email protected]



simone_gmuca from St. John's University

Simone Gmuca, R.D.N.
Campus Dietitian
[email protected]

Adding and Changing a Meal Membership

Current resident students on a meal membership can make changes to their meal plan each semester during the first two weeks of classes by visiting the St. John’s University Housing Portal. Please visit the “Building and Meal Membership Requirements by Class Year” section found on the Housing Selection page.

Former resident students who have access to the housing portal can also add a resident meal membership to their student account within this portal.  

Any student not currently assigned to housing who wants to add a resident meal membership can contact Jason T. Bartlett, Ph.D., Associate Director of Residence Life, at [email protected] before September 15 to add a plan to their account. 

You are given a provisional amount of meal membership points to start the semester. Once the meal plan change period ends, the remaining points associated with your plan are added. 

Once your request is submitted, please allow two to three business days to process. You are responsible for paying any applicable rate changes. Refunds are applied (if applicable) according to the University’s Room and Board Refund Schedule

Any student can add a commuter meal membership, along with Flex and Dining Dollars, to their StormCard by visiting the student portal on either the St. John’s University mobile app or St. John’s Connect at https://connect.stjohns.edu; click on Resources/Financial Resources/Manage StormCard.   

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