Policy 305 - Exceptional Performance Award

Section: Compensation
Policy Number: 305
Responsible Office: HR/Compensation
Effective Date: 4/1/01
Revised: 6/30/02; 6/1/09; 8/30/17


All active full-time and regular part-time administrators and staff who participate in the Recognize Excellence and Development (RED) performance program are eligible for consideration for an award. Awards are discretionary and are not guaranteed.


The Exceptional Performance Award is intended to encourage on-going exceptional performance levels by an individual during the year in review as defined in the RED performance program. The goal is to reward and retain outstanding talent. Specific guidelines and award criteria are addressed in the program’s current plan document.

Managers should consider the following factors when recommending an employee for an Exceptional Performance Award:

  1. The Exceptional Performance review period is consistent with the performance review period.
  2. The employee is a full-time or regular part-time staff or administrators who was hired prior to April 1 and has met or exceeded performance expectations (typically represented by an overall RED performance rating of Performs Well Plus (PW+).
  3. The employee excels in results against objectives, demonstrates the University's core values, and excels in behaviors consistent with the competencies defined in the performance evaluation.
  4. The employee's demonstrated potential for continued growth and mobility within the University may also be considered when determining award eligibility and recommendation.

In order to be eligible for an Exceptional Performance Award, a RED performance appraisal must be submitted on behalf of the employee by the employee's manager. The employee must be actively working at the time that the award is paid. Employees who have resigned, retired, or who have been terminated are ineligible for an award. Employees who are on leave at the time an award is paid will be paid the award upon their return to active work. Employees whose positions are funded by external sources (i.e. grants and contracts) may not be eligible for certain University-funded compensation programs.

St John’s University reserves the right to modify or cancel any of its award programs at any time, without advance notice.

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