Zachary Davis

Associate Professor


  • Ph.D., Philosophy, Southern Illinois University, 2006
  • M.A., Philosophy, Southern Illinois University, 1997
  • B.A., Philosophy and Mathematics, University of New Hampshire, 1995


  • Recent European philosophy
  • Social-political philosophy
  • Phenomenology
  • Environmental philosophy

Zachary Davis has been a member of the Philosophy Department since 2007.  His primary research has been in the areas of recent European philosophy, with particular interest in phenomenology and environmental philosophy, and he has published articles in both areas.  His doctoral dissertation concerned the political philosophy of Max Scheler.  For his doctoral research, Dr. Davis was awarded a Fulbright grant to study in Germany at the Universität Wuppertal (2001 to 2002) and to conduct archival research in Munich. He also received a grant to study at the Universität Zürich, in Switzerland (1999).  He is at work on two book-length manuscripts based on this research:  Love and Power: The Political Thought of Max Scheler and Cognition and Labor, a translation of Schler’s Erkenntnis und Arbeit.  In addition to teaching at St. John’s, Dr. Davis has taught at the University of New Hampshire and Keene State College.

“Vitale Solidarität als Überwindung der Umweltkrise,” in Religion und Metaphysik als Dimensionen der Kultur(Würzburg: Könighausen and Neumann, expected 2010).

“Scheler and the Task of Human Loving,” in Phenomenology 2008 (Zeta Books, expected 2010).

“The Commons: A Place for No One, A Place for All,” in Environment, Space and Place, Vol. 2 [in press].

“A Phenomenology of Political Apathy: Scheler on the Origins of Mass Violence,” Continental Philosophy Review, 2009, 42, No. 2.

“The Leisure of Walking: Resisting the Busyness of Consumption,” International Studies in Philosophy, 2006, 38, No. 2.

“Husserl on the Renewal of Sympathy and the One World of Solidarity,” Southern Journal and Philosophy, Winter 2005, 43, No. 4.