Yan Yu

Associate ProfessorGraduate Director
Ph.D., CUNY, Graduate CenterM.A.,St. John’s UniversityB.A., Hubei Normal University, China

Yan Yu uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine brain plasticity for auditory and cognitive (language and music) processing in both neurotypical and neurologically impaired populations. In particular, Yu focuses on how experience (language and music) interact with brain development, and what’s the brain’s malleability in response to neurointervention. Yu’s research incorporates approaches from several disciplines spanning from communication sciences and disorders, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics and neurointervention.

Dr. Yu is a nationally certified speech-language pathologist. Dr. Yu’s clinical expertise is in the area of bilingual speech and language development, and atypical language development including autism spectrum disorders and developmental language disorders.

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Courses at St. John’s University:

CSD1750 Speech Science (Undergraduate)

CSD4990 Seminar (Undergraduate)

CSD201 Introduction to Research Methods (Graduate)

CSD203 Models of Language Behaviors (Graduate)

CSD318 Developmental Language Disorders (Graduate)

CSD325 Bilingual Studies (Graduate)

CSD440 Advanced Research Methods (Graduate)

CSD321 Speech-Language Assessment and Treatment in Infant and Toddlers

Dr. Yu is the Principal Investigator and director of the Language and Brain Plasticity Laboratory.

Yan Yu has served as an ad hoc reviewer for peer-reviewed journals including Brain Topography, Cerebral Cortex, Developmental Science, Frontiers in Neuroscience, Frontiers in Psychology, International Journal of Psychophysiology, Journal of Speech-Language and Hearing Research, Neuroscience Letters, Neuropsychologia and Plos One.

Yan Yu and her lab members present research at national and international conferences regularly.