Robert F. Pecorella

Associate Professor
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, Political ScienceM.A., Brooklyn College, Political ScienceB.A., St. John’s University, Political Science

Robert F. Pecorella, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor with the Department of Government and Politics. His primary fields of interest are public administration, urban governance, state and local politics, and research methods. He is the author of Community Power in the Postreform City, the coauthor of Politics and Structure, and the co-editor of Governing New York State. His articles have appeared in Polity, Public Administration Review, the Journal of Urban Affairs, and the Journal of Catholic Social Thought. He was a Professor-in-Residence with the New York State Assembly Intern Program between 1986 and 2005. He received a BA from St. John’s, an MA from Brooklyn College and a PhD from Pennsylvania State University.

  • DNY 1000C Discover New York
  • GOV 1030  American Government
  • GOV 1530  Introduction to Public Administration
  • GOV 2470  State and Local Politics and Administration
  • GOV 2480  Municipal Government and Administration   

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Selected Conference Presentations:

Attentive Non-Elites and Political Agency: A Field of Consciousness Approach. A paper presented at the annual meeting of The Association for Interdisciplinary Affairs, October 16, 2021.

Political Agency at the Margins: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Urban Regimes. A paper presented at the annual meeting of The Northeast Political Science Association, On-Line Conference, November 11, 2021.

Political Text as Politics, Philosophy, and Theology: An Interdisciplinary Assessment of “‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” Annual meeting of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, Detroit Michigan, October 12, 2018.

Using Interdisciplinary Institutionalism to Counter the Intellectual Imperialism of Economics. paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, Baltimore, MD: University of Maryland in Baltimore County, October 19-21, 2017.

Institutional Change in a Messy World: Adaptation in Public Organizations. A paper presented at the annual meeting of the Northeastern Political Science Association. Philadelphia, PA, November 9, 2017.

Federal Impacts on State and Local Land-use Authority: Competing Approaches to Regional Development.  A presentation at the Annual Meeting of the New York State Political Science Association, Plattsburgh, New York, April 11, 2015. 

Moving toward an Interdisciplinary Class Model: The Evolution of a Non-Traditional Common Core Course with Dr. Heidi Upton. A paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, North Andover, MA, October 2015.

Art, Politics and the Social Imagination: An Example of Interdisciplinary Teaching and Research. A workshop organized and conducted with Dr. Heidi Upton at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, East Lansing, Michigan: October 16, 2014.  


During the course of his more than two decades at St. John’s University, Robert F. Pecorella has served his department, St. John’s College, and various the University in numerous and varied roles.

He chaired the Department of Government and Politics from 1996 to 2002; he has served on the Department Personnel and Budget, Undergraduate and Graduate Educational Policy Committees as well as numerous ad hoc committees dealing with departmental curricula and assessment matters; he has acted as a thesis mentor and has offered a variety of independent study courses for graduate and undergraduate students; and he has served as academic advisor to countless students pursuing either the undergraduate major or graduate degrees. 

Pecorella has also participated on a number of committees and served in a number of roles for St. John’s College as well as for various offices in the University.   

Several awards and honors of note: 

  1. Robert Pecorella received an “Outstanding Faculty Achievement Reward” from Father Harrington in 1996;
  2. He has been a Research Fellow with the Vincentian Center for Social Justice at St. John’s since 1997; and
  3. He received two “State of New York Legislative Resolutions” from the New York State Assembly and one “Official Commendation” from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s Office acknowledging his work with the New York State Assembly Internship Program.