Nicos A. Scordis, Ph.D.

PhD, Finance and Insurance Economics, University of South CarolinaMBA, Risk Management, University of GeorgiaBS, Risk and Insurance, Florida State University
I have a deep expertise teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and working collaboratively with senior managers of both small and large organizations. I use my practical and conceptual expertise to prudently translate complex relations into easy-to-understand language at the intersection of insurance, risk and finance. This enhances understanding of risk interactions. My expertise results in invitations to speak on risk and insurance topics worldwide, including an invitation by the US Congress for expert testimony on financial services integration.

I remain active in writing for industry and publishing my research in peer-reviewed journals. Examples of my peer-reviewed publications are in the "Journal of Risk and Insurance", "Journal of Insurance Issues", "Journal of Business Ethics" and the "Journal of International Business Studies". I review regularly research manuscripts submitted to the European division of the Financial Management Association International (FMA), and I am an Associate Editor for the Risk Management and Insurance Review.

Teaching Interests

I engage with students to resolve authentic risk-related challenges firms face. To aid my effectiveness with my students I apply the joint frameworks of UbD and DI. I moderate use of UbD/DI according to my projected class-sizes.

Research Interests

I investigate how insurance firms respond to risk and uncertainty in their evolving operations. My investigation enhances the ability of managers to create sustainable wealth from taking on risk.

Courses Taught


Select Publications

Journal Articles

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