CCPS Staten Island Forms

The following are frequently used forms by CCPS Staten Island Students. For more information on policy and procedures related to the forms. Please contact the CCPS Dean’s Office at 718-390-4449 or your Advising Dean.

Staten Island Dean’s Office Forms (CCPS Students Only)

Staten Island Advisement

CCPS Staten Island students: Check back in October for Winter/Spring 2023 registration dates.

*All Staten Island and Distance Learning Students can be advised by this form.

Withdrawal Form
Fall session timeline for withdrawing from a class is below.

August 31th   (W)   First Day of Classes

Sept 7th      (W)   Last day to add/drop classes

Sept 20th     (T)   Last day to drop a class (without transcript notation)

Nov 7th           (M)   Last day to withdraw from a class or apply for pass/fail option

Dec 7th           (W)   Last Day of Classes (Friday Classes Meet)

Change of Major

Use this form to change from one CCPS major to another CCPS major.
Use the internal transfer form (access through UIS: Student Tab/ Student Records link) to   

  • Transfer to a major offered by other SJU college (SJC, ED, TCB, Pharmacy)
  • Transfer into CCPS from another SJU college.

Change of Minor
Use this form to declare or change a minor

  • For a full listing of CCPS minors and requirements, please click here

  • To view a listing of all SJU minors /requirements and how your credits may apply, please run the What If a feature on your Degree Works report.  For instructions, click here

Academic Leave of Absence
(Use this form to request an academic leave of absence)

CCPS Fast Track Form

Use this application to apply to CCPS only sponsored fast track programs