Victor Cesare

Ph.D., St. John’s University, Queens, NYM.S., St. John’s University, Queens, NYB.S., State University of New York at Albany, Albany, NY

I am currently interested in the synthesis, reactions, and medicinal applications of alpha lactams. Alpha Lactams, also known as aziridinones, are three-membered rings containing the amide functional group. Due to their highly strained ring, alpha lactams can lead to interesting chemical reactions and can potentially possess desirable medicinal effects, such as anticancer or antibiotic properties. If you are interested in the synthesis and characterization of organic compounds, their stereochemistry, or their medicinal properties, then a research project in my lab might interest you.

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CHE 2230 Organic Chemistry I

CHE 2240 Organic Chemistry I

CHE 3000 Chemistry Seminar

CHE 3330 Bioorganic Chemistry

CHE 233 Stereochemistry of Carbon Compounds

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