Zoe Petropoulou

Associate Professor of French

Associate Professor of French. B.A. University of Athens, Greece; M.A., Sorbonne-Paris IV; Ph.D., Sorbonne-Nouvelle-Paris III.

Dr. Petropoulou is the author of a book on Albert Camus L'Espace Sensoriel chez A. Camus.

She has been the recipient of numerous scholarships from the French government, among which scholarships to study Business French at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Paris (summer 1989), and to study France and the European Union at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Strasbourg (summer 1992). She also received a scholarship from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) for the summer seminar of 1995 to study Women and Eighteenth Century France.

At St. John's University Dr. Petropoulou has introduced a course on Advanced Business French and another on France's role within the European Union. For the past few years she has been doing research on the writings of francophone author Isabelle de Charriere.

FRE 1020 C French level 2
FRE 2030 C French level 3
FRE 2050 C Readings in Modern French
FRE 3090 C Masterpieces of French Literature, Part I
FRE 3100 C Masterpieces of French Literature, Part II
FRE 3300 C France's Role within the European Community
FRE 3600 C Contemporary France
FRE 3810 C Advanced Commercial French
FRE 4990 C Seminar in 18th Century French Literature: The Epistolary Novel